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How to Prepare for Change,Become Unstuck and Be Fearless! Happiness is your choice, so get ready to claim it! Meet America’s Happyologist and LifeStyle Strategist, Jackie Ruka – the voice toward your happiness in life and freedom in business. We guide professionals, aspiring women and organizations to create EXCITING and BIG Results to overcome current breakdowns in  life, career,relationships and business! Get Started with Jackie TODAY! Wellness Programs, Products or Mentoring: Jackie’s simple tools, coping mechanisms and practical tips will help you change fear based thinking and learn to profit from freedom based thinking. Gain results, have fun, be happier and create the extraordinary lifestyle and wellness you deserve, even if it’s a little scary.  Start here NOW to gain clarity on your Greatest leadership Assets.  Take our Free Quiz!  Jackie’s services include: retreats for women on the go, business consulting, divorce and career mentoring, motivational speaking and transformational workshops!

About the Book

Get Happy and Create a Kick-Butt Life: A Creative Toolbox to Rapidly Activate the Life You Desire. Available JUNE 24th, 2014
It”s about KICKING butt, not kissing butt! Now is the time to take control over your own destiny. Navigating today”s complex world and upping your game calls for highly targeted tools, action steps and imagination. So, join the conscious party and unleash your Inner Creator! Get a pre-launch discount, event updates & kick-butt gifts! Learn more and buy


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Isn’t it time you create a life and career that makes you happy and fits you rather than you fitting it?  America’s Happyologist, Jackie Ruka, implements rapid activation techniques to enhance your life for the better. Her process will have you look at life from a brand new perspective. Receive your free happiness assessment when you reserve a session .  BOOK NOW

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