Greetings and Welcome to Get Happy Zone!

If you have made a conscious choice to improve your life, you are in the right place. I’m Jackie Ruka, founder of Get Happy Zone. Through my own transformation, I have realized that the Universe simply wants us to learn unconditional love and be happy the way we deserve—real, lasting happiness, not just short-term happenstance.

Just as we are all unique individuals on a path, every person’s definition of happiness is different. Choosing to transform your life is the first step in conscious awakening. Claiming your power and joy, feeling fulfilled and attaining courage to express your passion and talents is the new path for sustained happiness.

At Get Happy Zone, we combine positive psychological principles with spiritual, practical and creative wisdom to assist, female professionals , women entrepreneurs and creative CEO’s to imagine and live in their future…starting NOW.

I look forward to assisting you.


Reach Your Happy Zone

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Why Get Happy Zone?

Jackie Ruka founded  Get Happy Zone Inc. in 2011, after encountering the power of happiness firsthand.

The previous year, Jackie experienced a (literally) back-breaking situation and almost collided into Buddha himself. She was forced to walk away from a six-figure salary to save her own life, which set her on a profoundly personal journey to meet her authentic self and discover a true calling to inspire others.

Based on her own experience, Jackie guides people from the breakdowns that lead to breakthroughs, knowing the best opportunities are the ones we create consciously. Her mission is assisting you to reaching your personal power by discovering your truth, following your heart and manifesting your dream.

Get Happy Zone Vision

Our vision is to enlighten and inspire your personal Happiness and Wellness path by expanding your creative consciousness from A to Z! In support of achieving your personal and professional aspirations. Get Happy Zone offers new insights, understanding and coaching in a range of areas:

A – Acceptance, Adrenal Burnout, Authenticity, Authentic Power
B- Balance, Being Your Own Best Friend, Breakdowns/Breakthroughs, Branding, Burnout, Bliss
C- Career change, CEO of You, Chronic Fatigue, Creativity, Create Your New Bio, Confusion, Conscious Happiness
D – Deliberate Creation, Depression, Develop your Message
E – Emotion, Employment, Expression
F – Fear, Forgiveness, Fulfillment
G – Gratitude, Grief, Goals
H – Happiness, Health, Heart Path, Hopefulness
I – Identity Change, Inspiration, Innovation, Inner Peace
K – Kindness
L – Law of Attraction, Leadership, Life Balance, LOVE
M – Meditation, Mental Health, Mindfulness
N – Natural Health, Nurture Yourself, New Perspectives
O – Observation, Outrageous Fun, Overcome Obstacles
P – Positive Psychology, Process of Change, Purpose, Passion, Personal Growth, Professional Growth, Prosperity
Q – Quiet Time, Quest for Enlightenment, Qualities
R – Relationships, Reinvention, Relaxation
S – Self-discovery, Spirituality, Stress, Success Factors, Self-confidence
T – Truth, Time Limitations
U – Unemployment, Uniqueness
V – Values, Validation
W – Well- Being, Women’s Issues, Writing a Book, Worrying, Wealth
X – eXuberance, eXcitement, eXternal vs. Internal Focus
Y – Yes!
Z – Zeal, Zest for Life

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