About Jackie Ruka International and the Happiness Movement

( Jackie Ruka International/aka Get Happy Zone.com)

Jackie Ruka spearheaded a happiness movement for professionals to learn to do less and make more with a simple success path to leverage your expertise, establish passive income and create more freedom and happiness doing more of what you love. We cater to female entrepreneurs and service based business owners, internationally, who want to be more successful and profitable while feeling good mentally, physically and emotionally.

Out client’s include  hundred’s of coaches, authors, experts in service based industries who are heart- centered. They have utilized our courses, strategies and well- being formulas to claiming their power and joy, feeling fulfilled and  courageously  expressing passion and talents on a new path for a sustained business and happier life. And have done so in a BIG way.

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 The Happiness leads to Success Philosophy

Jackie experienced a (literally) back-breaking situation and almost collided into Buddha himself, when her company car lost control. She was forced to walk away from a six-figure salary to save her own life, which set her on a profoundly personal journey to meet her authentic self and discover a true calling to inspire others.

Based on her own back breaking experience, Jackie recognized that when you do what you love, it leads to success. Living in fear, worry, doubt and hustle and grind is an old paradigm of working and living, and it is literally killing us as a nation.

So you can choose a fear based or desire based mentality. The desire based mentality has you in flow, where you are attracting your ideal clients, ideal outcomes and living an ideal schedule and life doing more of what you love, without the stress.

If you are tired of feeling out of balance, over working with no time  for yourself  and prefer to switch toward doing less and making more than happiness toward success approach may be just what you are looking for.

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