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What People Are Saying About the HAPPY Movement ! With your help we can empower a Happier World !

“Jackie is a true motivational force. Her general positive outlook is always inspiring.”
––Robert Becker, Owner Presentingarchitecture.com

“Jackie’s boundless enthusiasm, laughter and joy make her a living example of what it means to truly embrace and embody the Get Happy Zone”.
––Eve Konstantine, Georgetown Leadership LLC

“Jackie, it was so great to be a part of the Happy Movement ! “
––Lindsay Lockshaw , Director Santa Barbara Chapter, Relay for Life American Cancer Society

“Thanks to Jackie Ruka and all the sponsors for bringing the Happy movie to Santa Barbara. I admire your work, look forward to watching you serve the community”.
––Cathy Murillo, Council Woman Santa Barbara, CA

“A huge thanks to Jackie Ruka for organizing and bringing an International event and Happy day to Santa Barbara, we should all allow ourselves to be inspired and bring day to day peace to not just our own lives, but thirst for the desire to bring it to those close to us and the ones we don’t even know”.
––Eric Roland, Eric Roland Photography

“Jackie – my husband and truly enjoyed spending Saturday afternoon watching that wonderful movie you showed (all over the world too) in Santa Barbara on February 11th – we left immediately afterward as our time was limited but wanted to ask you about your book – when and where will we be able to order the book, the cost which isn’t really that important because of the wonderful effect we are sure it will have on not just us but everyone and also we wanted to simply tell you that “our time is so precious to us daily” and when deciding to attend the film we made a conscious decision that the time spent with you and this wonderful film was especially meaningful and “precious” – you are truly a treasure, dedicated to “happiness” and “helping so many in need of just that!”. Thank you so much.
––Barbara and Mark, Santa Barbara, CA

About Jackie’s Coaching and Consulting

“Having Jackie Ruka as my coach has helped me focus on what I specifically want to do and where my passion lies. It wasn’t easy to eliminate stuff that I believed I required. But Jackie’s insight sharing helped me get on the road that has been calling yet didn’t hear. I recommend Jackie Ruka’s coaching services for anyone looking to get their business or passion on track and moving forward. – Idelle Steinberg, Principal Steinberg Insurance Retirement Planning /Health Insurance

“Jackie Ruka is my coach and mentor. She has an expansive background and understands the issues of today’s woman. Whatever issues I may have, Jackie is able to coach me to become aware of the resolution. She has the unique ability to come up with the right questions to open up any discussion. Jackie has a lot of heart and a very understanding manner. However, if you need it, she can also be tough. On top of all this, she is a best-selling author with a new book coming out, “Happy Warrior Woman, 101 tips Every Happy, Successful Woman Knows to harness Her Dream.” Read it, it is amazing! If you are looking for a coach, I highly recommend Jackie. – Sumako Paik , FAN, Fitness, Attitude, Nutritional Coach

“There’s nothing like a mentor to learn new skills in the fastest possible time. Someone who has been there and done what you want to do. I have transformed my career from being a successful sales leader in large companies to coaching entrepreneurs, business owners and sales teams to get better at selling. I am still learning and that’s where Jackie comes in.

Jackie has deep business savvy from her 15+ years in Fortune 500 companies, working in challenging and highly competitive environments. Plus she understands the emotional and spiritual side of ourselves that we need to bring to our work to be at our best. This combination of business savvy and knowing the inner game is just what I’ve needed to not only be great at what I do, but also make great money.

Thank you Jackie, for your insights and mentoring. I come away from our meetings inspired and knowing I can do what I’ve set out to do.

After our last meeting, I walked away, a little bit awed and thinking, “This woman is brilliant!”

I’m looking forward to more collaboration with you in the future.”
––David Ny- Sales Coach Santa Barbara, CA

“Jackie Ruka has been my mentor and teacher for over 5 years. She has been instrumental in my success as an entrepreneur and as a Happy Child of God swimming upstream by myself. As I continue to live out my life’s purpose; there are many obstacles as well as opposition along the way; which always brings me back to Ms. Ruka to reassure me of my swim.
Her upcoming book will be intellectually stimulating and spiritually uplifting, grounded in her divine purpose, background and prowess and will teach you how to invent your happiest self which will also activate your happiest business or career, family and entire life.”
––Cheryl D., New York, NY

– “Jackie Ruka of the “Get Happy Zone,” is a heart centered entrepreneur. She empowers and focuses on helping female professionals in creating a passionate and workable plan. Working with their professional goals and weaving in their passions she helps them craft a way to sing their heart song to the world. Jackie is a smart, trustworthy and dynamic mentor who teaches you how to be your own “happyologist” by dreaming out of the box and turning those dreams into a reality. Jackie has 24 years of human behavior and marketing experience and she shares her knowledge in such a way that you are bubbling with ideas to blossom freely in your life and career. It’s really nice to work with someone who has the business grounding and success to show the way and yet prioritizes your happiness in your life’s work.”
––Calla Gold, Calla Gold Jewelry, Santa Barbara, CA

“Santa Barbara Experience Unlimited (SBEU) would like to express its appreciation to you for your valuable presentation on Happiness. I appreciate the way you personalized your presentation and brought career aptitude and transition issues into your presentation. Our group always enjoys when a speaker personalizes a presentation with their own career life as an example. Your presentation was an inspiration to our group. Furthermore, your generous assistance allowed our members to continue to work toward achieving their goal of professional employment.Again, thank you for your support of SBEU’s mission of helping its members find new employment opportunities.”
––Mr. Gordon Gerbitz, President, S.B. Experience Unlimited

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