Moving forward during change, from within and or around us, may seem daunting to the point you do nothing for fear of  taking the wrong path. However, your thoughts are directly related to your decisions and acts. Every day you wake up is an anniversary of loving yourself and a gift of gratitude that your heart is beating yet another day, how much more positive can you get with that?

Unfortunately, it seems that recognizing self- love is often pushed aside as we move day-to-day through our crazy, hectic and stressful world . This is not living life in a courageous or passionate manner. The pervasive feeling of drowning within our own debacle of life and consuming the energy of a collapsing world has us convinced we are collapsing as well. Yet, what shakes us , awakes us.

We have relied on specific chiefs, such as banks, the government, and big corporations, to be the ringleaders of our destinies. Resuscitating our lives, as we once knew it, is not an option. What has become the reliance we must have is upon ourselves. By creating, designing, and manufacturing your own happiness life jacket, you can keep yourself from drowning in the sea of life’s daily stresses and change.

Haphazardly piecing together a life jacket with duct tape and random materials is not exactly the best strategy. It can’t give us that a false sense of reassurance that, when we need it for an emergency, it will be an effective floatation device. Instead, the duct-taped life jacket causes us to become frantic when faced with an impending tsunami. However, we tend to do the best we can with what we have and resort to other strategies like heading to higher ground and taking cover, kissing the sky and thanking God we endured yet another storm safely. In case of an airline disaster, it is always recommended that you put your oxygen mask on first and then you can be of service to others. We can employ the same strategy if we consider leveraging new strategies, tactics, and loving care of self and our fellow man.

To go from performing our best to what is optimal may be a single, more meaningful act of self-love. It’s one with significantly more meaning that reincarnates to a heart with know-how! We all have heart, an intention, where we are searching for the “what’s in it for me, we, US?” Experiencing paradigm changes and the consequences of change upon us all points to happiness as a healthier choice as we ride the roller coaster surrounded by what is collapsing around us such as economic downturn and instability, corporate greed, and a grandiose sense of entitlement held by many.

When you combine gratitude, meaning, and heart, you revolutionize the act of self -love. Are you doing this for yourself?

Heaviness in your life equates to you putting off what needs a call to action. Examples of this include dealing with debt, marital or relationship issues, or health problems. Passivity ultimately keeps miracles at bay. When you are faithful with what you have, the universe will give you more. You enjoy life more when you get things done with good intentions. Being responsible rewards your good intentions. When you are responsible for your ability to act, to be, to do, inevitably you feel lighter and experience an overall wellness.

Two simple words – “one day”- can cause you to feel unsatisfied, dismayed, and living with regrets for what could have been. What’s more, this is a familiarity that leads to a life of complacency that will literally kill you. If you’re not busy living and growing, you’re simply dying. Many people have come to me who have allowed the past to hold them back. It could be an old experience, regret, sad occurrence or manner in which they had behaved in the past that has led them to a life filled with self-hate or a lack of self-acceptance.

The past contains feelings of yesterday. The only moment that holds your power is the moment right here and now. This is the moment where you can take action to change your life for the better and yes, move forward!

Albeit, this is easier said than done. And it’s perfectly okay to take baby steps, be gentle with yourself and learn to go with the flow of the Universe.

I devised a list to reset my mind while also adapting new positive habits and by doing so I created more energy, inner peace and vitality. Success through positivity starts with thoughts then actions, its a loop that keeps positivity moving; positive thought leads to positive action. positive action feels good and attracts good which projects good and thus becomes a contaminant. Hence, good vibrations, all around. So now on change, for the positive!

  1. Cut down my screen time on Facebook, phone and my laptop. By doing so, it created more hours in my day to enjoy the next new positive habit.
  2. Swimming! Three days a week I make it a point to not turn on the TV when I get home from a long day but instead put on my swimsuit and exercise in the pool. This includes, walking across the pool for 30 minutes, doing lunges , kicks and laps for a total of an hour. I feel like a new person when I am done!
  3. The lose 15 lb.’s in a month. I feel lighter, I have more energy, my thinking is clear and faster and I sleep like a baby. It’s amazing how dropping those last unwanted pounds can create a new you. I look at food completely different and my appetite has been cut in half. This exact plan, albeit strict, has put a spring in my step.
  4. Before making a decision ask yourself why and then what? I no longer ponder, over think or procrastinate in my decision making once I started asking WHY and THEN WHAT? The why is not enough to get to the source of the true intention, it’s the THEN WHAT that places it into progressive action steps without hesitation.
  5. Patience. Most of the population in America wants thing to happen, NOW. To achieve positivity takes patience. Positivity is a relaxation technique of releasing expected immediacy and reminding one self that all is happening in divine timing. That does not mean you should avoid giving it your all, rather give it your absolute best, with pride and diligence. Then step back and allow the positivity to take place instead of the worry, hurry and doubt that many are consumed by.

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