Why fit in, when you were born to stand out. Dr. Seuss

” Creativity is the life force behind all that we do.” by John Clease. This quote , I feel is the epitomy of the new mental method in which we as a society are headed. As an artist and business professional, I find myself tapping into the creative side far beyond the artistic process I relied upon as a natural talent. Not sure about you, but my creative muscle is being stretched and squeezed in other areas of my life now more so than ever. Which brings me to the revelation of innovation defined as new things, ideas or method of approach.

According to Daniel Pink, author of  A Whole New Mind, Where Right Brainers will Rule the World, our economy is exiting from the Information Age and shifting into the Conceptual Age , a time where the creative types will reign. If you believe this to be true than perhaps your needs and desires may begin to shift as well. If they have not already ? Perhaps even your feelings of what used to make you happy have shifted toward a more realistic or palatable perspective. So what does all this mean ? Reaching the edge of what computers can do that humans no longer need to has also brought to light what areas are irreplaceable. We know computers cannot generate beauty, stories, moments or touch the soul that humans touch . Computers are a delivery process not a feeling generator. So just when you thought your right brain skills remain shelved , its time to dust off your brushes, pens and nurturing side because you will just be getting started and appreciated for your creativity. However, there is a glitch. Creativity is just part of the formula of innovation or change. The key is to add in strategy. Strategy is the why, the function behind the design. Once you figure out the why, you could be well on your way to a richer path where perhaps your happiness will be redefined and of course the wealth will follow. The genius seed will need to grow and patience is part of this process.

If your intuition is telling you to finish that project , redesign a function or birth your idea into action now, you are already a winner just by starting ! When you begin to make first steps with a different attitude, your goals will be different as well, hence the method by which you were operating will then change. A domino effect takes shape, not without a few mishaps or mistakes along the way, but no worries. Just tweak or change your goal, attitude and or approach til it feels right and the results begin to take form. It’s usually when you are in the middle of processing that your Aha moments occur. Part of living a rich life is to incorporate play into your life. Many of us are void of this in our personal as well as professional lives. The process of play enriches those Aha moments and stirs the creative juices. There is no reason for you not to be able to pop your power on the planet right now, just by playing alone.

Think of ways you could add play to your work or personal life. Perhaps have a fun contest at work or with a project, do a field trip once a month or simply go dancing. Whatever it is make it different from what you have done before. Invite in the new so the old can be released. You may be surprised as to where a  new path could lead .

Jackie Ruka is an Author, Artist, Therapist and Inspiration Coach who started Get Happy Zone, a unique organization dedicated to launching your personal happiness campaign through her training classes and upcoming book The Innovators Bible ; A Practical Guide to Imagine Your Greatest Good for Popping Your Power on the Planet. To learn more about Get Happy Zone and Jackie’s technique please go to

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