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Seeking balance ? It may seem easy to believe one can be nimble in order to overcome the many changes being thrown our way. Nimble , meaning agile , with ease or alert.   Yet at some point, being nimble may be benefiting others while costing your integrity . For example, during breakfast this morning, with some gal pals, we ended up discussing how we have mastered multi-tasking, only to find that we are picking up the slack for the slackers. Is this us being nimble or the slackers being nimble ? Makes you wonder .Perhaps life is just unabalanced and we need to accept this.

How does one go about being effective in a unbalanced world? Do you take the high road and make up the difference for others or do you finally step up and hold others accountable for what they could be doing but don’t as they know you will end up doing it for them ?

Its one thing to go with flow, roll with the punches and accommodate to the small changes, however, change is happening so rapidly these days the ” go with flow” has turned into an additional set of ongoing tasks. Perhaps the word nimble is being misused in todays  world and applies more to what we should expect from our computer systems rather than human systems.

So here are some  tips for being the “new” nimble and attempt to live a perfectly unbalanced life :

1. Learn what takes priority and what can be set aside for later.

2.Clarify what the changes are  and why, is this for the greater good or the good of only one person ?

3. Agree to take on  the additional work or change but  voice the sacrifice of the other shifts in priority , so all are aware and on the same page.

4.Recognize if your agility is being compromised .  Practice mindfulness and take measure to renew yourself at all costs.

5. Sleep, eat right , exercise and meditate (time for self). Lastly, be nimble with self. Learn to take on what you can the best way you know how. Ask for help in return.

6. Take your power back. If your get up and go has got up and went, your on the road to burn out. If being nimble means what it says than expect this from others as well . In these changing times, it takes all to be nimble not just you.

The bottom-line is we all just want to be happy. Here is a great article from financial techie James Altucher’s book who shares his happiness approach. How to Be the Luckiest Guy on Earth.

Jackie Ruka is an Author, Artist, Therapist and Inspiration Coach who started Get Happy Zone, a unique organization dedicated to launching your personal happiness campaign through her training classes and upcoming book Imagine Your Greatest Good,  a Practical Guide for Popping Your Power on the Planet. To learn more about Get Happy Zone and Jackie’s technique please go to


It is often in response to spiritual turmoil or significant life shift that we can then turn into a great creator. As creativity is the life force behind all that we do. From the moment we wake up in the morning, you are creating; from making breakfast to matching your attire for the day to making money.  How you choose to celebrate the creation internally is significant to the value you have of yourself. For example , you may go on automatic pilot, not think much of how you care to  present yourself to the world and be done with it. Conversely, make a conscious effort of your choices , go about exercising your thoughts , make determinations to feel good about your self when you leave the house, which takes on a whole new “feeling” about caring for yourself with value of who you are on the inside.

The key here is about caring for self. In order to navigate the wave of change  one must first recognize and question , ” What do I need to know about this life shift taking place ? What type of lesson should I  be learning right now ? This can be a process that takes on several steps but in more cases than not what appears to be a stressful or gloomy situation usually has an outcome that is a gift in disguise. Your pain or discomfort is natural , after all you are only human. Embrace your fear, which is actually your pain and determine what is healthy about it and what is inhibiting you from moving forward into the next portion of your life. Emotions have a funny way of clouding our perceptions which in turn, makes it easy to believe that others are purposely hurting you or life is just not fair. Ninety percent of the time, how people treat you is more about them and their own inner pain . Take note and evaluate a situation that might be effecting you right now .

Being kind to self has such an impact on how you respond to others. Have you noticed that if you are sweet and endearing toward another you receive the same in return. This type of behavior may come naturally to some however, by consciously practicing this you are not just a good person but a great person. What do I mean by that ? Have you ever met someone and thought what a great guy/gal? What was it about them that touched you? Perhaps this is a trait you can learn from and embrace for yourself ?

Purposely visualizing an experience prior to it taking place can be a powerful way of deliberately creating an optimal outcome. Olympic athletes, movie producers, musicians, dancers, painters often base an intended outcome through visualization. Then there are the great historians and inventors of the world such as Albert Einstein, Ben Franklin, Walt Disney and John F Kennedy. What they have in common is use of the whole brain, both right and left brain thinking . Strategic thinking is a left brain operation whereas visualization takes on the imaginative  right side of the brain. Deliberate creation combines intent , purpose , positive thinking and specific details that you conjure for an optimal intended outcome. Both right and left brain or whole brain thinking is essential to the deliberate creation process. For example, a major life shift took place in my life, some of it painful yet I realized it was time for a change so, why not turn a negative into a positive ? I evaluated the situation and realized,  I was not growing.  I questioned, what would be the experience that I most wanted at this point in my life? Once I wrote it down , everything became clear for me. This is when I began the deliberate creation process and manifested selling my home and moving onto my next life chapter. The steps and process that I initiated took less than 60 days for my optimum outcome to manifest. The number I wrote down and visualized for what my home sold for as well as the type of buyer I conjured became a reality. The success that I personally have achieved through the deliberate creation process has applied to other areas of my life as well.

No matter what type of change is taking place in your life right now, you have the power to proactively respond. The laws of deliberate creation can positively happen if you choose to practice this. Once you learn the process, you will be amazed how you will grow from good to great !

Jackie Ruka is an Author, Artist, Therapist and Inspiration Coach who started Get Happy Zone, a unique organization dedicated to launching your personal happiness campaign through her training classes and upcoming book Imagine Your Greatest Good,  a practical guide for Popping Your Power on the Planet. To learn more about Get Happy Zone and Jackie’s technique please go to

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