Happiness at Home


In order to be Happy, you must show happiness to others. Giving is the highest form of reaching happiness! What can you give to others at home and work that fosters happiness:

1. Positive Attention and Acknowledgement

2. A smile

3. A compliment or ada boy!

4. A cup of coffee

5. A kind gesture such as opening a door for someone, giving up your seat in a busy place, offering half your sandwich, inviting he/she to your lunch table.

6. Joyful energy to lift another UP!

7. Being authentically YOU and being present.

8. Listening

9. Offering helpful advice

10. Donating to a good cause to help others.

Happier people are more productive at work, maintain long lasting relationships, deal better with stress,  are healthier and feel better. When you spread happiness, you essentially are lifting others up !

When you offer happiness, you are giving permission for this energy to vibrate to others and in turn this positive energy responds kindly back to you. One happy person affects a thousand!

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America’s Happyologist, Jackie Ruka, is a transformational leadership mentor for professionals who crave freedom and are ready to discover living life on their terms!  Her mission is to provide a conscious community of inspiration and cooperation where all flourish based on what makes your soul happy. Her mindshifts and techniques are shared in her best selling book “Get Happy and Create a Kick-Butt Life” ! You can learn more about Jackie and what she has to offer by visiting her Facebook page, Twitter or engage in a complimentary discovery session to learn the step by step process for more direction and happiness in your life. book now.


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