Every so often, some one comes along that inspires you so much, that you want to bottle up their energy and enthusiasm to take home for yourself. Makes you wonder, what makes them so happy? In todays’ blog I interview such a person, namely, actor, Andrew Mondia. He is so full of happiness and passion for life , I decided to interview him to learn what gets him happy , how he makes his passion work for him and how you can apply it to your everyday life.

1. What is your definition of happiness?

Happiness is about following your bliss. Pursuing what it is that gets you on fire. Following what you are guided to do. For me that is sharing my love, light and laughter to the world through what I love to do which is entertaining people in film/TV and stage shows

2. What inspired you to get into acting?

From an early age, I loved having fun and entertaining my friends and family. My main inspiration is my grandfather. He loved to sing and dance plus played the accordion, He also encouraged me as well.

3. As an actor, how do you turn a negative into a positive?

Being an actor you get rejected a lot. Rather than look at the rejection as a negative think of it as one step closer to the role you are meant to do. Not every role is right for you. Just keep preserving and move onto the next audition. Trust in the higher power that the right role will come for you.

4. How do you connect with your audience?

It depends on film it’s harder but on stage you can actually know by the audience’s reaction. The important for me as an actor is to in either case…  connect with the character I am playing and channel my whole being into that role to create that something special that the audience will either hate or love.

 5. As a leader in inspiring others to learn and master their passion, what is one way in which others can define their passion and cultivate it?

One process which I highly recommend is The Passion Test created by Janet Bray Attwood. When you discover what your top 5 passions are and use that as a tool to decide where you desire to go. You cannot go wrong. A highly effective process that is heart based and rather than answer questions that ask you to rate or yes/no or even true/false you are going within to find the answer.

6. There are many behind the scenes taking place in an actor’s life, how do you juggle your passion with getting the next gig?

I lead with an open heart and keep my eyes open for what crosses my paths next. Send out to the universe what I desire and let the answer come to me. I give of myself to others in helping people out and do work on the side when I need to but most importantly keep focus on where it is I desire to go. Sometimes like at present I am required to do something else while I wait for that next step to move to where I need to go. I just know that it is only temporary with what I am doing that is not what I want to do. You never know what lesson can be learned where you are.

7. What is your mantra to get in your happy zone?



So what makes your soul happy? Are you doing something a little each day that inspires your passion, ignites your soul and follows your bliss? It’s your time to shine, reach a higher vibration and say YES to the world with your talent, magic and message. Like , Andrew, he is following and living his calling, this takes courage! Being your own happiness advocate, takes courage! Focus on what you can create and not what’s stopping you, form your happy zone mantra and share it with us on our inspirational blog.

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It’s that time of year where all is blooming and newness is surging. Spring is a time of renewal and there is no better time to hit the reset button  and build up the courage to create what you desire in your life. But, first let’s take a closer look at what renewal actually means, it could mean a much different concept to me than to you. According to, renewal is to make new or as if new again, make young, fresh or strong again or reestablish, revive. To give new spiritual strength to. What do you desire to renew in your life or wish to give new spiritual strength toward?

Lately I have had several conversations surrounding trust and trusting others into our lives. Why is this ? I think it is fair to say that we all want love in our lives and we are all responsible for our own happiness. To choose happiness on a day to day type of manner can work for a while , however,  sustained happiness is encouraged by allowing positive people into our lives. To allow, we must trust, moreover, we must trust in ourselves and our own judgement. This is where it gets murky for most.  Simply put, opening our hearts takes trust and courage. The courage to believe you can do this despite your fear and the free will to make it happen with strong belief  of deserving and receiving. Perhaps you have shutdown your feelings to this idea based on fear and self limiting beliefs. Trust is an act based upon integrity. If you are acting from integrity, you will attract it. If the cues from others are telling you otherwise, just observe and learn. You will know when to speak up and re – establish trust in a manner that works for both parties.

It is the optimist who hopes for change, it is the realist who adjusts the situation and makes the change. The difference between hope and faith is that hope lives in a perpetual feeling and faith takes action . So what gets you AMPED !!? The first thing that pops into your head is usually what you most desire.  Go change your situation, right now and have the courage to take a step in a direction that leads you closer to your dream. If you can imagine it, you can do it !

Life Enhancement Tip: Imagine that you are at the place you want to be. Visualize your self standing there with a beautiful golden light surrounding you. Positive people surround you and your essence glows, your talent glows, your heart is open as your dream is in the making. You are loved !

Quote: “How happy you decide to be, is depending upon how much you love who you are.” Mick Murphy

Jackie Ruka is an author, artist, therapist and lifestyle expert who started Get Happy Zone, a personal development organization dedicated to launching your unique happiness campaign through her training classes and upcoming book “Get Happy and Create a Kick Butt Life, a Toolbox for Rapidly Activating the Life You Desire.” Go here,, to read Jackie’s blog.

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