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When you dare, you are courageous and bold enough to try something new. The good news is, you have nothing to lose when trying a new endeavor, the bad news is, many don’t and often sit on the edge of fear rather than faith. This is my way of poking you to dare to be the You that has been aching to express yourself and create a new life. Guess what? I have done this at least three different times and I am doing it again, taking leaps of faith and swallowing cups of courage to create a life that I was meant to live! If I can do it, so can you?

Often I have to stop asking myself what is holding me back and just do what feels right in my heart. Listening, visualizing and being in the moment is often where my happiness is just hanging out, wondering where I have been and why I have not tapped into my well of happiness. Perhaps you may be doing the analysis paralysis, just as I, when change is brewing and you cautiously hang on the sidelines. I call this being a fencesitter to your life. Well, it’s time to get off the fence and begin to renew! The time is NOW  to open up our well of happiness.

The more happiness we spread the sooner our world can be happier. The premise behind this is simple, science has shown that we are happier when we share happiness with another. Simply, put when you smile at another, in most cases he/she smiles back. Smiling is one of the best cures to making another feel good.

Creating a new life, is an inside job with lots of help by others who believe in you and see you as successful already! We all need a little help along the way and I am one of those people who believes we can live our dreams out loud, one step at a time.

And remember, succes does not lead to happiness, it is our happiness that leads to success!

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“America’s Happyologist” Jackie Ruka is a lifestyle/brand expert who founded the Get Happy Zone ( personal development organization. She is also the author of the soon-to-be-released book, “Get Happy and Create a Kick Butt Life, a Toolbox for Rapidly Activating the Life You Desire.” Contact Jackie for a free  30  minute strategizing session, change your life for the better! CONTACT NOW.



To become empowered, you must own yourself completely . Digging deep and gaining the courage and confidence with knowing how powerful you truly are is an exercise to learning what is unconsciously holding you back. I have learned ,over the years, what opens up your life and your business often entails relentless self – improvement, embracing paradigm changes and moving through obstacles. For example, one of my clients was so sick and tired of being sick and tired , he finally did something and turned his occupation and his life on the upswing. Here are 4 steps in which to begin:

Step one is  to get out of your own way and be careful how you might be projecting self to clients, co – workers , prospects and those closest to you. As the quality of our thoughts could lean in the other direction such as :

The Blame Game, The Victim Role, the Enabler, the Resister, the Not good enough, the I Can’t afford it,

and lastly, the Martyr.

Step two: The negative thought process can become  personality  traits where no accountability  for harnessing your power is in sight. When we choose to be void of the ego, our fear fades as do old default modes. This is when we become clear of our vision and recognize that our passion and purpose has more meaning when it is shared with others, from the heart. Imagine your business, home and life is exactly in sync, mentally, emotionally and financially. Capture that vision  as if it already happened , then work backwards. Visualization is a powerful technique and it works in miraculous ways, try it! It has worked for me and manifesting occurs in a much quicker manner.

Step Three: When business is slow take inventory of what is not working then  determine if your communication, target market or brand needs tweaking. Being the leader of your destiny is choosing to be a champion. Champions feel good about change. If your business is slow right now,  you are not selling or promoting enough , time to pick it up and be out there with your new, feel good offers.

Step four: Change your flow , you can leverage your flow by completing your to do list, finishing projects, getting rid of clutter in your mind and in your life, this includes; clutter in the home, people pulling you down and debt. Get rid of it and simplify! This action alone is a cleansing that your life requires from time to time   but most often hit the delay button. Set those new and improved boundries and take charge of creating a new flow into your life, where you are no longer paddling up stream.

Quote: If you can dream it, then you can achieve it. You will get all you want in life if you help enough other people get what they want. – Zig Zigler

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“America’s Happyologist” Jackie Ruka is a lifestyle expert and inspiration coach for women, who founded the Get Happy Zone ( personal development organization. She is also the author of the soon-to-be-released book, “Get Happy and Create a Kick Butt Life, a Toolbox for Rapidly Activating the Life You Desire.” Contact Jackie and take her Become Fearless Quiz online at



To fall in love with your life is less about dreaming and more about taking  action!

A few steps to start taking action has nothing to do with a roadmap but more to do with your inner GPS. Yes, we all have an inner GPS or intuitive calling that bookmarks our soul for our vocational destiny and life’s mission. However, during complex times this may be an accomplishment that seems unclear or overwhelming. To learn the steps to clarity for unveiling your inner GPS and living the life of your dreams, please join me as I am interviewed to share the tools and tips with reaching your inner treasures.

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“America’s Happyologist” Jackie Ruka is a lifestyle expert who founded the Get Happy Zone ( personal development organization. She is also the author of the soon-to-be-released book, “Get Happy and Create a Kick Butt Life, a Toolbox for Rapidly Activating the Life You Desire.” Contact Jackie and take her Become Fearless Quiz online at


Your Life is Your Message – Ghandi

This is not a time to be shy or hide under the covers. This is a time for you to shine, create your message and speak out with confidence. Perhaps you are a  frustrated designer, creator, teacher, caregiver, artist, writer , single parent professional, female entrepreneur, CEO ? Or all of the above! I have found many are shy about self promotion and how to sell your offerings to others. Here is a quick tip sheet on creating your message and easily serving others with your talent and expertise.

1. Remember when writing your copy include Features and benefits. Features Tell, benefits sell. Another words, your feature describes your service or product and the benefit is what will be gained by your service or product. Most people desire a relief from pain and or frustration OR are looking to acquire answers, knowledge and how to. Either way, your job is to improve the quality of life for another at work, home, career , love , spiritually, mentally and emotionally.

2. Be confident! Enthusiasm is contagious as is happiness, when you exude this, you receive it in return. Stop being so serious and hard on your self instead build your confidence, it’s sexy and it sells!

3. Your the Expert: Clarify what your intention is with your service or product by “painting the picture” of the need. As the expert, you understand what is happening on the front lines and have deep knowledge with avoiding common mistakes that potential clients tend to make. As the guru problem solver, get out there and sell your heart out!

Whatever you are looking for , is looking for you! The best way to attract this is to step into your spirit of intention with love and service and share specifically the picture so others can clearly understand the need. After all, we live in a three dimensional world, so use props, pictures, examples, before and after shots, testimonials from others or offer a 15 minute free session as a way for your future clients to see your worth and understand the value behind it.

When you operate from your authentic power (personality with timing), this creates a wind fall of abundance to you. This my friend is not just about money, it is about your self worth, where your flow of passion, talent, knowledge and love resides. The aka Happy Zone of your existence !

Power mantra’s: I am courageous, confidant and happy!

Abundance flows to me easily and effortlessly.

I am an opportunity magnet.

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“America’s Happyologist” Jackie Ruka is a lifestyle expert and inspiration coach for women,who founded the Get Happy Zone ( personal development organization. She is also the author of the soon-to-be-released book, “Get Happy and Create a Kick Butt Life, a Toolbox for Rapidly Activating the Life You Desire.” Contact Jackie and take her Become Fearless Quiz online at



Imagine your dream as a bowl of paint, let’s name your paint as your “happy” paint. You are the brush that dips into your happy paint and begin to make happy strokes within your current life canvas. The fun part is you get to choose the colors, the content and the direction in which to manifest your dream canvas. It’s ok if you make a few mistakes along the way, that’s how you know you are on the right path to your dream. The magic behind all of this is based on movement. Movement accelerates into steps, steps into leaps and leaps into accomplishments. Remember the things that happen to you do not define who you are. In short, you may feel like a victim but you can be the victor from the situation, as every episode in life has a meaning, in most cases it determines what you don’t want, so you can crystallize what you do want. What we learn from our past evolves us into our future. So are you moving toward your dream?

On the news today I listened to an inspiring story about a supposed washed up golfer who for nearly twenty years was following his passion to be a professional golfer. He started at age 25 and won the Scottish open at age 30, but on the PGA tour he had not won a tournament of the 334 PGA starts. He was out there everyday, pushing himself to be the pro he knew he could be. In the meantime, he was working side jobs to help support his wife and 2 kids and was unable to buy health insurance for his family.  At age 52, he finally decided it was time to give up his dream  and move on. Upon his dismay, all his buddies got together and supported him for one year to follow his dream, they knew he had it in him.  He was given a second chance to pick up the sport again, except this time around he realized he had to do something different  to make his dream a reality. He practiced new mind exercise everyday, hired a new swing coach, got a sports psychologist and changed his exercise routine. He said, ‘ it’s better to be decisive than right.” His attitude of perseverance and strong belief in self  won him the prestigious senior PGA championship. For twenty years Michael Allen went from “Michael Who?” to living his life calling as a big money maker in his dream of playing golf for the first time in his life.

More and more people I am meeting seem to be sharing the birth of their inner passion and taking leaps of faith, everyday. Just yesterday I met with two gorgeous ladies, both have made huge leaps of faith and are happier and more excited about life doing what they love. There is no reason why you can’t do the same? Yes, we all have to make a living, no doubt, and you will as the process is not as difficult as you think. Let’s take a look at how you can make your dream a reality and be the architect of your destiny.

1. Don’t quit your day job yet, work at it but start your passion on the side or weekends, it may take a bit longer but it will be worth it!

2. When you begin your passion, your mind and actions will expand, pretty soon you will be doing your passion!

3. Birth your idea, in some way or form, this could be a book, a workshop, a blog , partnering with an entity , all of these facets are areas that will begin the launch of your dream.

4. Everything you have learned up to this point has prepared you, even if you think your not ready, just start. There is a learning curve in anything new, but once your learning your growing and this is part of living the dream.

5. The fear that is in your way is just a mirror of our own self- doubt. Fear is like worry, a waste of time. Stop entertaining your  power on fear and start using your  power by taking a cup of courage and having a little fun dabbling in your dream and painting with your happy paint.

The sooner you start taking leaps of faith, the better you will feel. When you feel good, good things happen! When you think positively, positive things occur. Sometimes, you just have to let it all go, get messy and have some fun with your passion. So, get busy living, life is too short not to and seek a little help from your friends!

Tell us how you started your passion and how it’s going, we want to spread the happiness stroke on the world canvas? Don’t be shy.

If you need help becoming fearless, entertain those inner gems with the Become Fearless Quiz, it’s fun and will help you overcome your personality obstacles.

Become inspired and take a look at the clip about Michael Allen’s Life Calling 

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“America’s Happyologist” Jackie Ruka is a lifestyle expert and inspiration coach for women who founded the Get Happy Zone ( personal development organization. She is also the author of the soon-to-be-released book, “Get Happy and Create a Kick Butt Life, a Toolbox for Rapidly Activating the Life You Desire.” Contact Jackie and take her Become Fearless Quiz online at





You and only you determine how you travel on your life path alone. There are several ways to become unstuck and affirm your life ‘s path today !

To unlock  a feeling of being stuck , you can start by asking yourself, what you affirm about yourself today? What does it mean to affirm? To validate, confirm, state positively. Most of us look back with grim feelings of a hazy year. This is energy; energy changes like the ebb and flow of our bodies. However, by affirming what you know in your heart that is good, pure, healthy and gratuitous, you can move forward in knowing your life affirmation as positive in nature. When you rekindle your light, you shine much brighter and see your life’s path more clearly.

It’s not where you have been, but where you are going that counts. The challenges of the past are old energy, feelings of yesterday. When you allow old feelings of yesterday to interfere in your today, you become stuck. Yes, healing takes time. However, rejection is redirection. Change or tweak your life plan if the original is not working. Easier said than done, you might be thinking. My response: simplify, simplify, simplify. Many of us get ahead of ourselves. Here are a few exercises in which to affirm or re- affirm your magnificence.

Solitude — Did you know the original songs written by Neil Diamond were written in complete solitude? At a time when he had no money or home,  just a guitar and himself. He rented a one room flat and locked himself away from distractions. The greatest American classic tunes such as “Cherry, Cherry,” “Solitary Man” and “Sweet Caroline” were created and born from within silence of the mind and opening of the heart. Reset your thoughts by opening your heart. Try this 10 minutes or more everyday, in solitude.

Create a personal mantra — If you are stuck or unsure how to move forward from where you are, choose a few inspiring words that you aspire toward as your inner therapeutic tool . This can be words such as, “Miracles Happen for me, NOW!” A new mantra attracts good energy and activates a surge of positive change in thought and action. The act of a mantra also interrupts negative thoughts and worry, in addition it un- invites those toxic people in your life who are consuming your thoughts.

Your written word — Most if not all business professionals succeed based on a plan. Hence, the business plan . A simple format is to write out your mission, place 3  action steps,  a strategy and goals by which you calculate to succeed. Your written word is a concrete declaration and commitment to yourself. A 30- or 60- or 90-day plan is useful for changing and tweaking your plan as you proceed. The affirmation process throughout the year can be accomplished much the same way, why not?

Feeling — Many of us are afraid to feel our feelings. Yet it is our feelings that allow us to dig deep and embrace our pain. When you embrace pain, you slowly break down those walls you have been keeping up. Walls are not answers — they are excuses. So much energy is involved in maintaining walls. Your hurt leads to answers, but one cannot comprehend what those answers are when your walls have you closed off to people, opportunities and your true potential (higher self). Define the root of your pain and you have reached gold. Chances are your pain is linked to an old belief system that you may be in denial of. Your choice is to become awakened. It’s a transform or die world we are living in today. We are all here to help each other and you are not alone on your path. Transformation is part of the reinvention process, where you can become what you desire and aspire.

Believing — To achieve, you must believe. Belief in self is essential to accomplishing your dreams. Start with your personal mantra and “OM” it to your heart’s content. If you choose to look outward, choose a positive mentor who can validate your strengths, offer guidance and assist you with breaking old thinking patterns.

Make Your Moments Count — Organize your time and make your moments count. Time often escapes us with day-to-day minutia. This is not who we are. This is who we have become. Become what counts in your life!

Declare your affirmation — With a lipstick or washable marker, write out what you declare on your bathroom mirror. You will be amazed how looking at your affirmation everyday will create a new belief system. What I affirm and declare in my life today is that, “I am good, I attract good and I live an exceptional life!” What do you affirm in your life today?

Weekly Quote: “You are the power in your world! You get to have whatever you choose to think!” Louise Hay

If you are stuck and feeling uninspired Get Happy Zone is where we want to help you flesh out your desires and embark on a more positive course! Should you or your business require inspiration please inquire and receive a  free Discovery session.

“America’s Happyologist” Jackie Ruka is a lifestyle expert who founded the Get Happy Zone ( personal development organization. She is also the author of the soon-to-be-released book, “Get Happy and Create a Kick Butt Life, a Toolbox for Rapidly Activating the Life You Desire.” Contact Jackie and take her Become Fearless Quiz online at


It’s that time of year where all is blooming and newness is surging. Spring is a time of renewal and there is no better time to hit the reset button  and build up the courage to create what you desire in your life. But, first let’s take a closer look at what renewal actually means, it could mean a much different concept to me than to you. According to, renewal is to make new or as if new again, make young, fresh or strong again or reestablish, revive. To give new spiritual strength to. What do you desire to renew in your life or wish to give new spiritual strength toward?

Lately I have had several conversations surrounding trust and trusting others into our lives. Why is this ? I think it is fair to say that we all want love in our lives and we are all responsible for our own happiness. To choose happiness on a day to day type of manner can work for a while , however,  sustained happiness is encouraged by allowing positive people into our lives. To allow, we must trust, moreover, we must trust in ourselves and our own judgement. This is where it gets murky for most.  Simply put, opening our hearts takes trust and courage. The courage to believe you can do this despite your fear and the free will to make it happen with strong belief  of deserving and receiving. Perhaps you have shutdown your feelings to this idea based on fear and self limiting beliefs. Trust is an act based upon integrity. If you are acting from integrity, you will attract it. If the cues from others are telling you otherwise, just observe and learn. You will know when to speak up and re – establish trust in a manner that works for both parties.

It is the optimist who hopes for change, it is the realist who adjusts the situation and makes the change. The difference between hope and faith is that hope lives in a perpetual feeling and faith takes action . So what gets you AMPED !!? The first thing that pops into your head is usually what you most desire.  Go change your situation, right now and have the courage to take a step in a direction that leads you closer to your dream. If you can imagine it, you can do it !

Life Enhancement Tip: Imagine that you are at the place you want to be. Visualize your self standing there with a beautiful golden light surrounding you. Positive people surround you and your essence glows, your talent glows, your heart is open as your dream is in the making. You are loved !

Quote: “How happy you decide to be, is depending upon how much you love who you are.” Mick Murphy

Jackie Ruka is an author, artist, therapist and lifestyle expert who started Get Happy Zone, a personal development organization dedicated to launching your unique happiness campaign through her training classes and upcoming book “Get Happy and Create a Kick Butt Life, a Toolbox for Rapidly Activating the Life You Desire.” Go here,, to read Jackie’s blog.


Today the idea of  how to live your life with more meaning can sound overwhelming, as if it’s another task to add to your to do list. However, the opposite could be true, in which living a life with more meaning offers all of us the added balance that has been missing from our daily lives. Adding more meaning to your life can be as simple as investing in an activity that stimulates and exhilarates you. Read more about how to live your life with more meaning by guest blogger Marci Shimoff who shares her Formula for Happiness , here:

Last week, I started watching the new season of my favorite show-Dancing with the Stars. I’m completely mesmerized!

This show has a special place in my heart, as my dad and I watched it together during the last few months of his life. (My dad was a great dancer in his day, and I remember learning how to dance when I was 7 years old by standing on his feet.)

At 91, he was fading fast and not alert to most things, but when Dancing with the Stars would come on TV, he would sit up with a big smile on his face and his eyes would light up with joy. We’d watch it together laughing and feeling the love.

Clearly, we aren’t the only ones who get a big hit of joy watching the show. 24 million other viewers tune in on Monday nights for their fix, as well. Why?

Because this show is all about happiness. The music, the energy, the exhilarated expressions on the contestants’ faces-this energy is contagious, and we, as viewers, catch it.
When I look at the show’s phenomenon from the standpoint of what I know about happiness, it makes a lot of sense.  Dancing with the Stars incorporates what I call“The 4 M’s of Happiness.” Both the pros and the stars use these four main ingredients of happiness, and you and I feel them when we watch.

Here they are:

1. Mindset: The pros and the stars consciously and consistently choose thoughts and feelings of optimism, positivity, gratitude, and appreciation. They know that a high-energy mindset translates into a great performance.
2. Meaning: The dancers feel inspired by what they are doing. They’re focused on something that’s purposeful and meaningful to them. They always speak about the joy that they experience being on the show.
3. Movement: Moving the body is good medicine. It produces big doses of happiness chemicals, and counteracts the stress chemicals that produce doubt, fear, and insecurity.
4. Membership: All the dancers and all of us watching are part of a like-hearted group of people. Feeling connected to others, having good relationships, and experiencing a sense of belonging are all fundamental to living in a state of happiness.

You and I can use the exact same principles to expand our happiness no matter what’s going on in our lives.

Try the 4 Ms of Happiness on for size:
Mindset: Check out your mindset.  Are you staying optimistic and positive?  Are you bringing gratitude into your life regularly?  Try setting an alarm on your cell phone (a nice musical one) to schedule “thank you moments” into your day.
Meaning: What gives you meaning?  Are you doing something every day that inspires you, helps you feel on purpose?  Fill in this sentence:  “My life feels meaningful when I __________,” and incorporate that activity into your life on a regular basis.
Movement: Are you moving your body?  Stand up right now and stretch. Go outside and get some fresh air a few times during your day. Dance a little (or at least shake your body) while you’re out there.

Membership: Are you a member of something?  Connect with people who share your values. Consider joining a group of like-hearted people – perhaps volunteer at the animal shelter or take an improv class or join a hiking club.
Though you may not get called upon to kick up your heels in front of millions of weekly viewers, when you start minding your 4 Ms, you’ll definitely create more opportunities to smile, enjoy and be happy for no reason.

Marci Shimoff is a celebrated transformational leader

and #1 New York Times best-selling author. To learn
more of her powerful techniques for establishing deep
and authentic happiness and well-being, visit

GHZ Weekly Quote:
“The best things in life make you sweaty.” Edgar Allen Poe

Jackie Ruka is an author, artist, therapist and lifestyle expert who started Get Happy Zone, a personal development organization dedicated to launching your personal happiness campaign through her training classes and upcoming book “Get Happy and Create a Kick Butt Life, a Toolbox for Rapidly Activating the Life You Desire.” Go here,, to read Jackie’s blog.


World Happy Day was February 11, 2012 .  On this special day , on 7 continents, 60 countries and over 600 locations the screening of the “HAPPY” movie was seen in hundreds of locations with fantastic attendance. This was an exceptional conscious awareness screening, in which to build upon a new revolution of personal wellness and happiness in a collective manner. Hence, surrounding yourself with positivity encourages a new tipping point toward happiness.

We are all vibrationally connected in some way or form and many of us are effected by someone who is struggling.  When we travel with low vibration, we attract fear, worry, anxiety and a debilitating rut can take over. Often it is  a certain someone, as I term an earth angel, who crosses your path that offers some relief. In most cases, your situation may not be as bad as it seems but because you are feeling bad about self, you perceive a “no way out”, type of view. This is very common and you are not alone.

I came upon a situation the other day with someone whose low vibration got the best of her. She was upset, crying and felt alone. Her life seemed to come to a halt and she was faced with looking at herself and dealing with pain that she had been suppressing. She had not been able to find a job, has little money and is exhausted. In truth, she is a very capable, smart and an experienced professional whose dealing with a broken heart. Exhaustion is a sign of holding back your emotions, let them out, cry, scream, talk, converse and let it go. We are humans where toxic emotions can buildup and send us into a downward spiral. Releasing your emotions is a cathartic effort that in hindsight will relieve the inner pressure, where acceptance resides.

Often when the Universe takes you to it, you can get through it.  A death or loss of your identity , at first can be scary. You may be scared all of the time. How you react to this is key and pivotal to moving forward in your life. When you are faced with a major change, your life takes a new path. Although it’s difficult to see what that path looks like, what’s important is in knowing your being asked to reach a higher level of yourself. A level that feels like a stretch and requires a cup of courage for you to reach. However, this higher calling is already within you. You have been prepared for this all along by each and every encounter, experience and adversity in your life up to this point.

Once you take that cup of courage and begin to feel that your fears are illusions, you become more capable than you realize. Your passion is exuded and you’re a magnet for all your hopes and dreams.  Life and the small treasures and people in it become crystal clear. Don’t give up, fight back ! Encouraging a new point of your happiness is in your reach, a new level of happiness is  the tipping point in the direction of your higher self.

Weekly Quote: In memory of Whitney Houston

If you sing alone in your shrine, the vibrations return to you as a reaction. But in community singing, what you have is not a reaction but a wave of vibrations. They enter into the atmosphere and purify the polluted air.
Sri Sathya Sai Baba

HAPPY Tools:

A “Letting Go ” method for Life Enhancement: Sit for ten minutes each day in quietness. Focus on every area of your body. Allow for each area to relax. As you breathe in the positive and exhale the negative, focus on smiling. Your eyes, smile, your face smiles , your stomach smiles, your liver smiles, your muscles smile, your back smiles, your kidneys smile and your heart smiles. When you enter the world from your smiling meditation, your vibration will be an all time high. Watch and observe how good things will come to you and you to good. ( More techniques are available in Jackie’s upcoming book, Get Happy and Create a Kick Butt – Life, A Creative Toolbox for Rapidly Activating the Life You Desire”, out in June 2012.

Many have asked about the “HAPPY” movie that was screened on World Happy Day. I highly recommend this wonderful journey with learning about the science and true stories about happiness. The “HAPPY” movie in DVD can be purchased at Lululemon Athletica yoga stores or at If you prefer to download it to your computer , it is now on itunes.

Jackie Ruka is an author, artist, therapist and lifestyle expert who started Get Happy Zone, a personal development organization dedicated to launching your personal happiness campaign through her training classes and upcoming book “Get Happy and Create a Kick Butt Life, a Toolbox for Rapidly Activating the Life You Desire.” Go here,, to read Jackie’s blog.

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