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Your Life is Your Message – Ghandi

This is not a time to be shy or hide under the covers. This is a time for you to shine, create your message and speak out with confidence. Perhaps you are a  frustrated designer, creator, teacher, caregiver, artist, writer , single parent professional, female entrepreneur, CEO ? Or all of the above! I have found many are shy about self promotion and how to sell your offerings to others. Here is a quick tip sheet on creating your message and easily serving others with your talent and expertise.

1. Remember when writing your copy include Features and benefits. Features Tell, benefits sell. Another words, your feature describes your service or product and the benefit is what will be gained by your service or product. Most people desire a relief from pain and or frustration OR are looking to acquire answers, knowledge and how to. Either way, your job is to improve the quality of life for another at work, home, career , love , spiritually, mentally and emotionally.

2. Be confident! Enthusiasm is contagious as is happiness, when you exude this, you receive it in return. Stop being so serious and hard on your self instead build your confidence, it’s sexy and it sells!

3. Your the Expert: Clarify what your intention is with your service or product by “painting the picture” of the need. As the expert, you understand what is happening on the front lines and have deep knowledge with avoiding common mistakes that potential clients tend to make. As the guru problem solver, get out there and sell your heart out!

Whatever you are looking for , is looking for you! The best way to attract this is to step into your spirit of intention with love and service and share specifically the picture so others can clearly understand the need. After all, we live in a three dimensional world, so use props, pictures, examples, before and after shots, testimonials from others or offer a 15 minute free session as a way for your future clients to see your worth and understand the value behind it.

When you operate from your authentic power (personality with timing), this creates a wind fall of abundance to you. This my friend is not just about money, it is about your self worth, where your flow of passion, talent, knowledge and love resides. The aka Happy Zone of your existence !

Power mantra’s: I am courageous, confidant and happy!

Abundance flows to me easily and effortlessly.

I am an opportunity magnet.

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“America’s Happyologist” Jackie Ruka is a lifestyle expert and inspiration coach for women,who founded the Get Happy Zone ( personal development organization. She is also the author of the soon-to-be-released book, “Get Happy and Create a Kick Butt Life, a Toolbox for Rapidly Activating the Life You Desire.” Contact Jackie and take her Become Fearless Quiz online at



Imagine your dream as a bowl of paint, let’s name your paint as your “happy” paint. You are the brush that dips into your happy paint and begin to make happy strokes within your current life canvas. The fun part is you get to choose the colors, the content and the direction in which to manifest your dream canvas. It’s ok if you make a few mistakes along the way, that’s how you know you are on the right path to your dream. The magic behind all of this is based on movement. Movement accelerates into steps, steps into leaps and leaps into accomplishments. Remember the things that happen to you do not define who you are. In short, you may feel like a victim but you can be the victor from the situation, as every episode in life has a meaning, in most cases it determines what you don’t want, so you can crystallize what you do want. What we learn from our past evolves us into our future. So are you moving toward your dream?

On the news today I listened to an inspiring story about a supposed washed up golfer who for nearly twenty years was following his passion to be a professional golfer. He started at age 25 and won the Scottish open at age 30, but on the PGA tour he had not won a tournament of the 334 PGA starts. He was out there everyday, pushing himself to be the pro he knew he could be. In the meantime, he was working side jobs to help support his wife and 2 kids and was unable to buy health insurance for his family.  At age 52, he finally decided it was time to give up his dream  and move on. Upon his dismay, all his buddies got together and supported him for one year to follow his dream, they knew he had it in him.  He was given a second chance to pick up the sport again, except this time around he realized he had to do something different  to make his dream a reality. He practiced new mind exercise everyday, hired a new swing coach, got a sports psychologist and changed his exercise routine. He said, ‘ it’s better to be decisive than right.” His attitude of perseverance and strong belief in self  won him the prestigious senior PGA championship. For twenty years Michael Allen went from “Michael Who?” to living his life calling as a big money maker in his dream of playing golf for the first time in his life.

More and more people I am meeting seem to be sharing the birth of their inner passion and taking leaps of faith, everyday. Just yesterday I met with two gorgeous ladies, both have made huge leaps of faith and are happier and more excited about life doing what they love. There is no reason why you can’t do the same? Yes, we all have to make a living, no doubt, and you will as the process is not as difficult as you think. Let’s take a look at how you can make your dream a reality and be the architect of your destiny.

1. Don’t quit your day job yet, work at it but start your passion on the side or weekends, it may take a bit longer but it will be worth it!

2. When you begin your passion, your mind and actions will expand, pretty soon you will be doing your passion!

3. Birth your idea, in some way or form, this could be a book, a workshop, a blog , partnering with an entity , all of these facets are areas that will begin the launch of your dream.

4. Everything you have learned up to this point has prepared you, even if you think your not ready, just start. There is a learning curve in anything new, but once your learning your growing and this is part of living the dream.

5. The fear that is in your way is just a mirror of our own self- doubt. Fear is like worry, a waste of time. Stop entertaining your  power on fear and start using your  power by taking a cup of courage and having a little fun dabbling in your dream and painting with your happy paint.

The sooner you start taking leaps of faith, the better you will feel. When you feel good, good things happen! When you think positively, positive things occur. Sometimes, you just have to let it all go, get messy and have some fun with your passion. So, get busy living, life is too short not to and seek a little help from your friends!

Tell us how you started your passion and how it’s going, we want to spread the happiness stroke on the world canvas? Don’t be shy.

If you need help becoming fearless, entertain those inner gems with the Become Fearless Quiz, it’s fun and will help you overcome your personality obstacles.

Become inspired and take a look at the clip about Michael Allen’s Life Calling 

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“America’s Happyologist” Jackie Ruka is a lifestyle expert and inspiration coach for women who founded the Get Happy Zone ( personal development organization. She is also the author of the soon-to-be-released book, “Get Happy and Create a Kick Butt Life, a Toolbox for Rapidly Activating the Life You Desire.” Contact Jackie and take her Become Fearless Quiz online at





Are you feeling that holiday energy buzz where you realize it’s the end of the year and there’s so much left to do? The holidays encourage, ending business with a bang, making holiday travel plans, shopping for bargains, and getting the house ready for family and friends.  Here are a few practical holiday tips with how to be your happiest.

Let’s start with where the holidays might hurt and that’s your pocket book. Saving money and time makes everyone happy, here are a few creative ways to do both.

–  Buckle down and write your to do list now. Start crossing off what is most important two weeks before you celebrate your holidays. This saves you on time by organizing yourself ahead of the holiday rush.

– Cash in on credit card and banking points. Learn where you can use those points now for cash that you have already spent throughout the year. For example, did you know you can use your American Express points on Amazon by linking your account to them? Your accrued points can be utilized to buy and ship holiday gifts in time to be opened.

– Take advantage of the super sales, Groupon and Living Social specials. Small business’ are offering some fantastic deals right now with great prices on services. Buy now to gift those savings to your Mom, sister, friend or yourself with a gift certificate, yoga classes, facial, gift basket etc.

– Your trash is someone else’s treasure. Consign what you no longer require and use the cash or store credit for gifts. You might be surprised what you can sell or purchase via consignment shops. Old jewelry, vintage coats and holiday dresses and shoes are hot items now.

– Have fun creating your Holiday cards and save money by sending it via email. For those who prefer the postal route, utilize unused cards bought last year or craft a photo card of you, your pets, family or favorite trip you went on. Creating is fun and encourages the holiday spirit.

– Clear the clutter and renew your space. As you prepare your space for a new year why not toss out papers, magazines and the piles of stuff that accrues over the year. If you have not read it or utilized it by now, recycle it. A cluttered house is a cluttered mind. A feeling of freedom ushers in by detoxing your environment.

– Do a trade! Swap your service or product with someone who offers what you might be looking for. This is a great way to collaborate, build referrals for your business and save some cash.

– How about giving yourself a break in the kitchen and pot luck social meals ? Save your time and money and ask family and friends to contribute to future feasts.

– Enjoy yourself, take time out for you !

Quote of the day: “See the world as if for the first time; see it through the eyes of a child, and you will suddenly find that you are free.” Deepak Chopra

Jackie Ruka is an Author, Artist, Therapist and Self Development expert who started Get Happy Zone, a personal development organization dedicated to launching your personal happiness campaign through her training classes and upcoming book Get Happy and Create a Kick Butt Life, a Toolbox for the Life You Desire. Go here to read Jackie’s blog.

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So what is the creative key to global change? In a nutshell it exists within self. Often  people equate creativity to art, fashion, film or writing when in fact creativity encompasses so much more than artistic categories. Think back to when you experienced your first desire to express yourself , what did that feel like for you ? Was it liberating, did your brain spontaneously play and ramble in a manner that felt like freedom? This particular brain buzz is , namely , your creative groove. An inspiring set of moments where your brilliance is on fire. There is no stopping you when you are in your zone. I love this feeling ! One of the reasons why I named my company Get Happy Zone.

In all actuality, we are born with a creative chip whether you exercise this chip or not is where your creative muscle flourishes or dissipates over time. The creative side of our brains represents, fresh ideas and connecting them to new forms or concepts. Innovation is carrying out these creative ideas via a strategic manner. So what does that have to do with global change ?

Today’s companies and leaders recognize the transformation age we are in (creative, empathetic age). Companies will not be able to thrive based on former armchair management but rather the use of the whole brain , with fluidity, speed and innovation as the success ingredients required to strive for competitive edge. In other words,  to be the leader of the pack and stand out amongst your competition, your service or product looks and/or feels intuitive, which is why Apple is so successful.

Now is no time to be shy about flexing your creative muscle. The time is now ! Break out your Crayola’s, camera, sketch book or that old recipe of yours and start celebrating your expressive side . Your creative ideas are an answer to a CEO, business leader or communities need for a solution . By linking your creative ideas to the needs of  global change ,we can begin to operate in a whole and organic manner. This is why collaboration will be so important as we move forward for healing and thriving, together.

My upcoming book, Get Happy and Create a Kick Butt Life! A Creative toolbox for the Life You Desire, shares insight for what I term as “linking”. In this Chapter you can expect to utilize your uniqueness and begin to activate your linking skills to the needs currently percolating in the hallways of world entities. It is my belief that the answer to recovering from a depression is to recognize the opportunities. In so doing, we can graduate from victim hood and take on new roles by defining your higher self . As your higher self is your heart exercising your authentic power.

Jackie Ruka is an Author, Artist, Therapist and Inspiration Coach who started Get Happy Zone, a personal growth organization dedicated to launching your personal happiness campaign through her training classes and upcoming book Get Happy and Create a Kick Butt Life, a Creative toolbox for the Life You Desire. To learn more about Jackie’s technique please go to


Taking a step toward your future self is alot easier than you think ! Today I participated in a workshop where the unexpected occurred and I was unprepared, at least initially. I was invited to a new group where I met my peers and we shared our fears, as well as our desires. Most of us had common fears of rejection or failure while others shared similar patterns of sabotage.  The group process  initiated a self awareness that was aired out and lifted illusions and obstacles that limit us from our true potential . The group sharing not only was  healthy but also a powerful gateway of conscious awakening. Just think how much you could accomplish, once your fears are diminished? Often, we tend to get in our own way, dragging our feet to move in a purposeful direction. Now, is the time to recognize how special you are, as  no one does the same thing in exactly the same manner as you. Your uniqueness is special and June is a great time to celebrate and blossom.

The Authentic Power workshop I facilitate with clients, is to create the book cover of your autobiography. This can include pictures, graphics, stickers, magazine cutouts, scrap book decals and the like. The caveat is to  choose the theme of what your future self entails displayed on your front cover ( your desire of what you strive to be) . By doing this, you’re setting the intention and declaration for your goal into  forward motion. Visualizing your book cover everyday promotes the creative juices on an unconscious level which will attract the supporters, cheerleaders and advocates to enter your life so you can blossom successfully.

Quote: Whatever you can do, or dream you can, Begin it.
Boldness has genius, power and magic in it, Begin it now.
– Johann Wolfgang von Goethe

Jackie Ruka is an Author, Artist, Therapist and Inspiration Coach who started Get Happy Zone, a unique organization dedicated to launching your personal happiness campaign through her training classes and upcoming book Imagine Your Greatest Good,  a Practical Guide for Popping Your Power on the Planet. To learn more about Get Happy Zone and Jackie’s technique please go to


Prior to this glorious Memorial Day weekend, it was a turbulent week for most. It’s not so much as the usual busyness, but more of the unexpected occurrences. You know, the small mishaps  that wreak havoc on the rest of your day: losing your car key, a flight being cancelled, computer meltdown or making an impulsive  financial decision leading to an unexpected consequence. Often, one person’s decision affects many. In today’s social environment, we are living in a world of excess, popularity contests and competitveness. From computer games that kids are strung out on to who can have the most friends or hot looking girls on their facebook. These  social interactions are just distractions to the barometer that the universe is sharing with you about what’s really important in your life and not how screwy it may feel. So, you can choose to question it all or you can choose to get real about what the universe is trying to tell you. Step away from your distractions and ponder on what feels right in your world. Have gratitude for what is working , accept what is not and be the change you wish to feel in your own life. Placing your ego on the table and operating from heart is the new art to expressing who you are, what your business is about and how you are here to share and help others. In other words, its not really about You.

The 21st century is a world of integration, where we are learning to operate from the “me” to the “we”. An age of creativity or term it  as the golden age, a time in which we are here to help each other function in our higher selves.  A time for you to be living a lifestyle of consciousness. The changes happening are no longer cyclical but rather random and often. These haphazard occurrences can leave those of us sensitive to our surroundings a bit raw. This is where we can learn to get scrappy and start generating our conscious moxie. Wikipedia terms moxie as a force of character, determination or nerve. It’s a  perfect time for combining your know how and raw feelings with placing a readiness for your higher self to emerge. Embrace your readiness and  express your higher self in a new manner that the universe is now asking of you. Namely, freedom to step outside of your old self and step in to your future self. You are an important cog in the wheel that we  are sharing, therefore it is no longer necessary to live in your habits but rather live in your purpose.

Reinvention is happening all around and within us. Fear not, here are a few tips to align yourself:

Air out your thoughts with a coach or mentor.

Accept the twists and turns of fate.

Research options that  can link your holistic talent to emerging trends.

Check in with self. Are you following your heart? Place your ego on the table (hint)

Determine what you want to include in your next chapter and dream BIG. Where are you headed and who  you want to take with you are some key determinations. Let your clarity define you.

Jackie Ruka is an Author, Artist, Therapist and Inspiration Coach who started Get Happy Zone, a unique organization dedicated to launching your personal happiness campaign through her training classes and upcoming book Imagine Your Greatest Good,  a Practical Guide for Popping Your Power on the Planet. To learn more about Get Happy Zone and Jackie’s technique please go to


It is often in response to spiritual turmoil or significant life shift that we can then turn into a great creator. As creativity is the life force behind all that we do. From the moment we wake up in the morning, you are creating; from making breakfast to matching your attire for the day to making money.  How you choose to celebrate the creation internally is significant to the value you have of yourself. For example , you may go on automatic pilot, not think much of how you care to  present yourself to the world and be done with it. Conversely, make a conscious effort of your choices , go about exercising your thoughts , make determinations to feel good about your self when you leave the house, which takes on a whole new “feeling” about caring for yourself with value of who you are on the inside.

The key here is about caring for self. In order to navigate the wave of change  one must first recognize and question , ” What do I need to know about this life shift taking place ? What type of lesson should I  be learning right now ? This can be a process that takes on several steps but in more cases than not what appears to be a stressful or gloomy situation usually has an outcome that is a gift in disguise. Your pain or discomfort is natural , after all you are only human. Embrace your fear, which is actually your pain and determine what is healthy about it and what is inhibiting you from moving forward into the next portion of your life. Emotions have a funny way of clouding our perceptions which in turn, makes it easy to believe that others are purposely hurting you or life is just not fair. Ninety percent of the time, how people treat you is more about them and their own inner pain . Take note and evaluate a situation that might be effecting you right now .

Being kind to self has such an impact on how you respond to others. Have you noticed that if you are sweet and endearing toward another you receive the same in return. This type of behavior may come naturally to some however, by consciously practicing this you are not just a good person but a great person. What do I mean by that ? Have you ever met someone and thought what a great guy/gal? What was it about them that touched you? Perhaps this is a trait you can learn from and embrace for yourself ?

Purposely visualizing an experience prior to it taking place can be a powerful way of deliberately creating an optimal outcome. Olympic athletes, movie producers, musicians, dancers, painters often base an intended outcome through visualization. Then there are the great historians and inventors of the world such as Albert Einstein, Ben Franklin, Walt Disney and John F Kennedy. What they have in common is use of the whole brain, both right and left brain thinking . Strategic thinking is a left brain operation whereas visualization takes on the imaginative  right side of the brain. Deliberate creation combines intent , purpose , positive thinking and specific details that you conjure for an optimal intended outcome. Both right and left brain or whole brain thinking is essential to the deliberate creation process. For example, a major life shift took place in my life, some of it painful yet I realized it was time for a change so, why not turn a negative into a positive ? I evaluated the situation and realized,  I was not growing.  I questioned, what would be the experience that I most wanted at this point in my life? Once I wrote it down , everything became clear for me. This is when I began the deliberate creation process and manifested selling my home and moving onto my next life chapter. The steps and process that I initiated took less than 60 days for my optimum outcome to manifest. The number I wrote down and visualized for what my home sold for as well as the type of buyer I conjured became a reality. The success that I personally have achieved through the deliberate creation process has applied to other areas of my life as well.

No matter what type of change is taking place in your life right now, you have the power to proactively respond. The laws of deliberate creation can positively happen if you choose to practice this. Once you learn the process, you will be amazed how you will grow from good to great !

Jackie Ruka is an Author, Artist, Therapist and Inspiration Coach who started Get Happy Zone, a unique organization dedicated to launching your personal happiness campaign through her training classes and upcoming book Imagine Your Greatest Good,  a practical guide for Popping Your Power on the Planet. To learn more about Get Happy Zone and Jackie’s technique please go to

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