Hello 2019! Each new day is a new chance to celebrate your life, so let’s start with personal goal setting.

I for one am not a big believer in resolutions, however, I am a big believer in setting personal, professional and life goals. In addition, each new year represents a new intention. Intentions are powerful as they come from our life force not from what society ensues upon us. More on that later in the blog.

Lastly, personal goals shape our vision of the future which in turn encourage clarity of our professional goals and not the other way around. Remember, it is our happiness that leads to success, therefore, to manifest our greatest desires this year, you must feeeeel those desires. We manifest what we feel or vibrate. So let’s get clear, excited, and inspired about our personal goals, shall we?

STEP ONE: Form your theme in 2019. In a word how would you describe the year you want to create in 2019? For example, some of my clients have a word such as IMPACT or ACTION OR LOVE. What’s yours? Allow this to set your theme for 2019. Your theme sets the tone for your intentions.

STEP TWO:  Create Powerful Intentions. Once you have set the tone, you  now  can create powerful intentions and associate a goal to the personal areas in your life : Self care, money, career, relationships, home and health. The secret or trick here is to feeeeel what you want to feel doing what you want to be doing with joy and ease not stress and worry. Intentional practice is imagining and feeling as if you are already in the spot you want to be in! Naturally this takes practice. There will be moments where our own resistance, negative thoughts, self doubt and perhaps the need to heal from 2018 or previous years are lingering into the mind, body and soul. If so, I urge all of us to take care of ourselves. Taking care of you is what gives you the power to do all the things you hope to accomplish.

STEP THREE:  Tap into your Life Force.The more you focus upon your strengths with relationship to  achieving your personal goals the greater the possibility of those strengths being enhanced as you are exercising your will and life force. This is where the non-physical meets the physical. Exercising positive thoughts lead to positive feelings which prompt inspirational action. The key is to be actively listening to your intuition, your GPS. So pay attention, your GPS is what steers your life force and synergistically this force can work for you.

STEP FOUR: Invest in a planning tool. In order to make positive change and reach personal goals I highly  suggest a goal planner. The same habits, thinking and activities you have done the last 5 years will not get get you to the inspired results you want to achieve. Therefore, writing your personal goals and breaking them down each day with a positive intention, activity, time frame (date to reach the result) and the same times each day that will work to bring those results, if possible encourages momentum, speed, clarity, organization and productivity. In addition a goal planner and calendar , in written form, locks in your weekly, monthly and yearly plans into play. In addition it forms time segmenting. A way to block off time segments for each personal goal. Time segmenting ( I teach this in the Live Your Best Life Master Class in detail), it’s what the uber successful do to create time to do what matters while productively accomplishing goals with impact.

STEP FIVE: Learn new strategies: Whether you are a solopreneur, small business owner, self-employed or corporate professional we all can use strategies that work that lead to doing what we  love more and achieving our work goals faster and easier than  previously. Having worked for top Fortune 500 corporations, building billion – dollar brands, leading teams and coaching professionals for 20+ years, I have learned the secrets to productivity and performance that not only lead to profits but also redefine your happiness and success.

In most cases, when setting goals many do not obtain progress because One: the psychology behind forming the goals does not uphold confidence and Two: the strategies and tools are not in place or in consistent play. You need both to achieve results.

With that said, the mindset plus the tools and strategies are here for you to shape your personal and professional goals in the upcoming Live Your Best Life Masterclass for Transformation with Conquering Doing What you Love and Being the CEO of your DESTINY !

Jackie is on a mission to empower Americans to feel happy, again! For more information about scheduling Jackie for your next event, coaching services or Signature Classes and Events please contact her here.


JUNE Book Signing Events

You are invited to join the Happiness Revolution and gain the confidence to live the life that you desire!  Bring your friends and family to engage in the inspirational book signing events for June 2014.

JUNE 18th – Granada Book Store,  1224 State Street, Santa Barbara, CA ; Author presentation and signing from 6:30 pm – 8:00 pm wine and cheese served with Q&A

JUNE 19th – Carr Winery, 414  N.  Salispuedes, Santa Barbara, CA from 6:00pm – 8:00 pm.  BUY A BOOK AND RECEIVE A GLASS OF WINE AND RAFFLE TICKET to win well-being goodies. DJ Darla Bea will be spinning happy tunes, and Georgia Smokehouse food truck for healthy yummy delectables. ALL Welcome!!


About the BOOK:

Get Happy and Create a Kick- Butt Life addresses why your happiness matters and how we can get more of it!

Job dissatisfaction, time imbalance, divorce, lack of emotional fulfillment, and economic downturn, weighs heavy in today’s complex world. Life has a way of kicking you down! To which Jackie Ruka says: “ It’s time to kick- butt and create the life YOU truly desire.” In this action guide the author shares grounded research, psychological life enhancing techniques and the wisdom of your own true self that will empower you to transform the status quo of resilience. The author believes the only constant nowadays is change, which is leading to a conscious evolution as we grip the edge of a new revolution.

This is not your typical “how to” self-help book. Get Happy and Create a Kick- Butt Life is a call to action for men and women who desire to be the architect of their own destiny, and experience massive positive transformation in a conscious and inspirational manner.


Get Happy Guide Book signing

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I am loving and loved, my heart is open to the positive energy of love in my life everyday. Did you know that every day is Valentines day? No matter what you think or believe, we all want love and to be with the love of our life. A recent national study, the biggest one amongst singles in America by Match.com, states that over 35% of both men and women are returning to traditional ways of dating except men are taking on more of the female like behaviors and women are exuding the more assertive ways of men in dating behaviors. Bottom line, however it all occurs , its all up to you to exude what it is you desire by practicing this yourself. Another words, on your list of must haves, you best be an example of the same. Emotionally available, loyal, and happy to name a few, are you exemplifying this?

GHZ happiness tip: If you desire love, open your heart, desire peace, clean out the clutter in your life, desire happiness, show happiness. Our upcoming free teleseminar will share more, stay tuned!

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