My hope and intention in this article more than anything else is one thing for you and that is to show up and say YES to YOU. Say yes to that inner voice, the voice of intuition. Say yes to your life force and universal energy that is calling you to perhaps follow that crazy idea, move across country, start a painted furniture store business or even yes to committing to taking a new kickboxing program to get firm and lose those pounds and feel more sexy and fabulous. Say yes to you because you are the only one you have got and you deserve it! Never allow the fear or resistance stop you from your amazing life.

Now more than ever is the best time to say YES. Simply because there is no one who can do it for you, it’s truly up to you. The amount of power that comes with saying yes opens up your heart, your mind and your world to endless possibilities. Here are some major benefits awaiting a woman who says yes to herself:

• Joy
• Happiness
• Fulfillment
• Better Relationships
• Love
• Money
• Adventure
• Self-Esteem
• Bliss
• Enjoyment
• Fun
• Support
• Newness
• Harmony
• Positivity
• Desire
• New Possibilities

When I moved to live the island life I had to learn to “hatch out” of my former workaholic self, hatch out of living life on the California freeway and hatch out of the hamster on a wheel daily life. This meant saying yes to my new self, new surroundings and recognizing that change is not an event it’s a process. By saying yes to my new life, grace unveils, ease and acceptance happens and fear turns into courage.

The first week I moved here I went off to the beach, no writing, no social media, no cell phone, taking it all in. That evening I went out with friends and danced with several men and even had a fun date with a special guy that same week. (that’s saying a lot for a 12-mile island, it certainly does not happen everyday) Point being, change is good and when you say yes, magical occurrences happen, doors open and you show up to love you. Giving myself a little R and R, enjoying nature, feeling the sand between my toes, watching the dolphins swimming joyously and celebrating life everyday springs joy from within, what brings you joy? Say YES to that!

Here are a few case scenarios on your journey of claiming your power back to you, the beautiful, glorious, feminine and divine woman that lives inside you!

  1. Secret #1 Hit the Reset Button – Wake up everyday knowing something good is going to happen. Take a chance on you and risk getting what you actually want. Have absolute total and positive belief in the calling and vision that stirs inside of you and don’t hesitate.
    Case in point: When Dawn, a client of mine called me, her life and business was crumbling. Her business partner and her parted ways and she relocated and felt very alone.

It was clear Dawn is a powerful woman and she often was giving away her knowledge but not advancing in her business. When we worked together it was time for her to take her power back and hit the reset button. We prioritized with focus on Dawn’s desires and not her fears. Dawn really wanted to be a best selling Author. She had written a book but was stuck with what do next?

Fast forward six months later, with my guidance and that of a close business partner of mine, we collaborated and Dawn’s book became a #1 best selling book both Nationally and Internationally, in six categories. In addition, we mapped out a new coaching and mentoring program for Dawn to attract her top clientele.

Because Dawn decided to say YES to becoming her future self, a “best selling Author”, her intention, desire and following the mapped out action steps, her desires became a reality!Secret #2 Believe and Receive – Imagine you are sitting at a table with four other people. Your higher power (God, the universe – whichever works for you best) hands you a bowl of oranges. There are four oranges in the bowl and five of you sitting at the table. What do you do with the bowl of oranges? Write down the first thing that comes to your mind. (there is no right or wrong answer) So, perhaps you are thinking how you might split up the oranges or just take one and pass the bowl. However, we are speaking about receiving as a reflection of your self-worth. To feel fully deserving, however, one must take the entire bowl of oranges for you. Period. You are replenishing yourself, which has nothing to do with who is around you or about sharing; it is about you, taking loving care of you, because you deserve it!

2. Secret #2 Believe and Receive – Imagine you are sitting at a table with four other people. Your higher power (God, the universe – whichever works for you best) hands you a bowl of oranges. There are four oranges in the bowl and five of you sitting at the table. What do you do with the bowl of oranges? Write down the first thing that comes to your mind. (there is no right or wrong answer) So, perhaps you are thinking how you might split up the oranges or just take one and pass the bowl. However, we are speaking about receiving as a reflection of your self-worth. To feel fully deserving, however, one must take the entire bowl of oranges for you. Period. You are replenishing yourself, which has nothing to do with who is around you or about sharing; it is about you, taking loving care of you, because you deserve it!

Case in point: I was visiting with a very gifted writer one day who shared with me how upset she was with her current life situation. Sarah had financial worries where little business was coming in as well as financial disagreements with an ex-husband who owed her money. My feeling upon listening to her situation was how she succumbed to accepting this for far too long which had dimmed her light. She surrendered to believing that this is how it’s going to be for her and was ready to spend her time in counseling to figure it all out.
I stopped her thought process and asked her to try the deserving orange bowl exercise with me before all else. She was willing and indulged in the process with nothing to lose.
About two months later, we touched base. She was the happiest I had heard, as well as more business than she could manage that came out of the blue. In addition, her ex and she had arrived at a financial agreement. Sarah, who was once feeling powerless, took her power back. A new belief system had grown for her where she was now the architect to her destiny and no longer the victim of what she believed as truths.

3. Secret #3 You are Enough – When you put yourself first and decide to go beyond your ego and the internal dialogue, you relinquish the need to control, the need to be approved and the need to judge. When those three dialogues occur, stop and affirm, you are enough! And just say YES to YOU!

Jackie Ruka is a Certified Leadership Coach affiliated with Harvard University and Medical School and self proclaimed Happyologist. Grab her book Get Happy and Create a Kick-Butt Life or watch her videos on Facebook.

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A life best lived is a life by design. When you start giving your life dimension, color, objectives, purpose and strategies the results can be absolutely epic. Today I share this with you knowing we have choices. The choice to be happy, the choice to share our gifts and the choice to live in freedom based on the thoughts we think, the feelings we feel and the actions prompted by the process of choice.

Several years ago I walked away from a six-figure career to save my own life. The work schedule and goals in my corporate career was literally killing me. Between no sleep, driving or flying constantly, never home to enjoy family or community events, working 60 -hour workweeks and meeting huge million dollar goals quarterly. One fateful day when my company car malfunctioned on the freeway in LA, with no power steering or brakes, life was literally falling apart in seconds. It was this life altering experience that everything came into focus. I call this my rude-awakening. This jolted me out of my denial of feeling unfulfilled, uninspired and fatigued into feeling alive, courageous and motivated. Those split seconds I realized that I wanted to live a deeper more authentic and joyful life and create a life around a career versus the old wage slave paradigm that I believed looked like happiness and success.

The beautiful sacred truth, – that I have a choice about how I experience my life – filled my heart with hope and forever changed the trajectory of my life. Today it fuels my life as an Author, Lifestyle and Business Strategist and Motivational Speaker, where I am dedicated to inspiring professionals, especially women, toward redefining her happiness and success and make the most powerful choices for the greatest impact in freedom, income and passion for life. Everyday at every moment we have the ability to be our own happiness hero. Even in the midst of darkness, when everything is falling apart, you have the power of choice. Every so often we each require a nudge or reminder that we are powerful, talented, amazing, worthy and loveable enough to create our life and ourselves based on what your soul is calling.

At some point or another a pivotal turn will take place in your life or career, which will forever change your life and your role in it. In order to strive for a remarkable life, you have to decide that you want one. So are your ready to launch your big, beautiful, creative and juicy life?

Implement these key actionable steps: Your starting point is the answer to the one question you must ask and listen to: What is your heart’s true desire? Write your heart’s true desire here:___________________________.

When you’re feeling ready, follow the steps of deliberate creation and enjoy the power of the process in which you are immersed. There are no weird coincidences. What is meant to be always happens — and you have the power to deliberately create an ideal outcome. Your success is indicated by the power of your will to overcome obstacles with the narrowing down of the areas of interest. Based on focused intention, we often lose focus on less important areas so as to focus intently on the one.

The more we recognize that we are each responsible for our own happiness, the closer we are to seeing that our happiness powers the path to improved relationships, careers, finances, and health, as well as assists with other issues and areas of life.


To recognize how powerful your happiness can be, we simply need to adopt a new mindset by activating the following steps:

Follow Your JOY – It may not feel like it, but your joy exists within you and it is a clear path to what your heart truly desires. When you are listening and acting upon your joy, your ego does not communicate “I can’t, shoulda, woulda,” thoughts and destructive self-talk excuses behind your feelings of unworthiness. These feelings become non-existent when you place zero energy behind your ego thoughts. When you “Just Own Yourself (JOY),” you become the CEO of YOU and fall in love with expressing your MOXIE.

Ignite Imagination – Give yourself permission to imagine what your life looks and feels like beyond what it is now. It’s ok — even great — to daydream. Just BE and ALLOW yourself to have some fun with your own psyche. By doing so, you unlock the keys to the treasure within and let go of any obstacles standing in your way. Imagine the emotional or physical pain you have been suffering with is now part of your past, and no longer exists. Even if this is just a brief respite that lasts a few minutes, it is a relief to your mind and body that you can feel good and pain free, one step at a time. You are being guided by your imagination when you begin to feel and recognize the endless possibilities within and around your world.

Deliberate Creation – This is the conscious, intentional focus of marrying your desired intention with vision, and strategically acting in your external world where you co-create with Spirit to manifest an outcome. As you collaborate with your inner creator by putting action behind positive intent and matching your positive feeling with positive action, you become an unstoppable magnet for the continuous flow of positive change.

Creativity: is a component of the life force for all that we do. Your ability to create remains infinite through choice. From the moment you rise in the morning, you create your thoughts, your day, how you present yourself to the world and the quality of your life. Decision making is the number-one trait that supports being the champion of your life. When you choose to tap into the positive life forces within, you intensify your vibration and become a force of power beyond your imagination.

Have a Cup of Courage – Your dream is usually outside of your comfort zone. It takes courage to walk a new path you have not navigated before. Have a cup of courage a day. Sip-by-sip, your vision is sharper and your dream becomes attainable. Courage is a more productive avenue when you reverse the energies of your fear.

Practice a Growth Mindset – This is the ability to deliberately change an old perspective with a new, positive action. Action creates change, movement creates truth. Choosing happiness every day in today’s complex world is not just a choice; it’s a lifestyle. By re- training the brain, you can develop this new power practice. Decades of research relate the choice toward happiness to improving your health, increasing blood flow to the brain, and encouraging an enhanced ability to make decisions. When your mind and body feel good, you become spiritually in sync with your divine purpose, and your life becomes more meaningful and authentic.

Employ Creative Tools – These tools become the catalyst for making change here and now. Many people believe that change occurs with our thoughts alone. However, change may not happen even after years of psychotherapy and insightful epiphanies — although you may end up with more clarity and focus about where you are today in relation to your past. What encourages change, here and now, are tools that propel you into your future rather than analyze your past. A tool may be meditation, hiring a coach or researching a topic that piques your interest.

Reinvent an Authentic Self – The path to reinvention is a straight one from head to heart although it may be long and arduous. As you become your ultimate other or higher self, the spiritual spark that keeps you on track with your life’s purpose and in touch with your joy and passion – listening to our truth while simultaneously acting upon it may seem like peeling an onion while holding back the tears. Saying good-bye to your ego is a process of letting go of superficial attachments or illusions. Most will only dig when they know there is pure gold; you must be willing to do the work since that gold lies within your heart. Through thoughtful diligence, you can then continue on the route to happiness because the gold has revealed your authentic power. When we live in our truth, we can change the world in fascinating and magnanimous ways.


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America’s Happyologist, Jackie Ruka, is a transformational leadership strategist for professionals who crave freedom and are ready to discover living life on their terms. Her mind shifts and techniques are shared in her best-selling book “Get Happy and Create a Kick-Butt Life!” Learn more about Jackie and what she has to offer by visiting her Facebook pageTwitter or engage in complimentary 15-minute introduction here.








Almost everyone everywhere wants to be happier and guess what? We have the power to do it! 

Whether you’re feeling down and are looking for a pick-me-up, or you simply want to be a happier person, changing your mood isn’t hard at all. Every day we experience at least one thing in our daily lives that can instantly lift us up and improve our happiness.

We’ve heard forever that money can’t buy happiness and it’s true.

If you don’t believe me then check out these seven small changes that will help your boost happiness in everyday life.

#1 Change Your Attitude

I’m sure you have heard on occasions that being negative only attracts more negativity which in turn brings down your mood.

Scientists have studied positive thinking and it simply attracts more of that happy bug to you. Try taking a look at the good things in everyday life and fully experience and focus on those. Or better yet, try to turn a negative into a positive.  (Source)

#2 Smile

Who doesn’t feel good when smiling? And I mean a real smile not a fake one! Smiling to make us happier is not a new thing. It was discovered by Charles Darwin in 1872 who found that facial expressions actively influence our mood.

Numerous studies have confirmed that when smiling, hormones called endorphins is are released into our bloodstream which tell the brain that we are happy. Something as simple as smiling becomes contagious and can certainly help us feel more joy throughout the day. (Source)

#3 Listen to Music

We all know how powerful music can be – music really does make us happy.
Have you ever noticed when you’re out and about, you tend to hear music a lot, whether you’re at the grocery store, shopping mall or the hair and beauty salons?

That’s because as a shopper listening to music, it lifts your mood – in turn, helping you spend more.

A study at the University of Missouri has confirmed that listening to music can make you happier.

So next time you feel a little down, crank up the volume and listen to that tune. (Source)

#4 Call a Friend

In all honesty, how many times have our friends brought joy in our lives?

Your best pal is your BFF for a reason, they make us burst into laughter. Chatting with your bestie can help to lower your stress levels resulting in an uplifted mood.

But it doesn’t have to be just your BFF, casual friends and relatives also help raising the level of happiness.  Studies have shown that one person’s happiness triggers a chain reaction.  (Source)

#5 Practice Gratitude

Did you know that counting your blessing each day actually boosts your mood and makes you a happier person!?

It’s been scientifically proven that gratitude helps people feel more positive emotions. Appreciating what you have actually leads a better, happier lifestyle, as gratitude has been associated with greater happiness. So why not wake up and spend a few minutes each day reminding yourself of all the things you are thankful for and start appreciating them now.

Remember, you don’t have to wait for Thanksgiving to express your gratitude, start giving thanks today and watch your happiness grow.   (Source)

#6 Sleep

We all know what a good night’s sleep can do for us, but what a lot of people don’t know is how much it can increase our happiness.

A study from the Division of Sleep Medicine at Harvard Medical School showed that sleep and mood are associated with one another. This means that a lack of sleep can cause stress and irritability, whereas a healthy night’s sleep can enhance your mood.

So go and get a good night’s rest and regulate your mood to happiness. (Source)

#7 Get Some Fresh Air

People tend to forget about this one, but it’s true, getting some fresh air can lift your spirits.

Sunlight and fresh air help you get your daily dosage of vitamin D which is needed to regulate your mood.

The Harvard Health Letter mentions that by venturing outside you can reap physical and mental health benefits. A breath of fresh air really is one of nature’s greatest medicines.  (Source)

Final Thoughts

So there you have it, not only is happiness one of the most positive emotions, but with a few small changes you can choose a better mood, with practice.

Become a happier soul, and take each opportunity and every moment of the day to boost your happiness.

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America’s Happyologist, Jackie Ruka, is a transformational leadership coach for professionals who crave freedom and are ready to discover living life on their terms.  Her mission is to provide a conscious community of inspiration and cooperation where all flourish based on what makes your soul happy. Her mindshifts and techniques are shared in her best selling book “Get Happy and Create a Kick-Butt Life” ! You can learn more about Jackie and what she has to offer by visiting her Facebook page, Twitter or engage in complimentary 15 min. introduction here.

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Guest Blog by: Helen Sanders is chief editor at HealthAmbition.com. Established in 2012, Health Ambition has grown rapidly in recent years. Our goal is to provide easy-to-understand health and nutrition advice that makes a real impact. We pride ourselves on making sure our actionable advice can be followed by regular people with busy lives.

The world is very abundant and the more you realize this the more you will attract what is available to you. The trick starts with your mindset. Why is that? Well, how do you get results? You do the work. You can’t do the work without having the knowledge. And even with the knowledge it doesn’t matter if you don’t have the skill set. Yet even with the skill set the right mindset is all that matters. Mindset + Skillset + Knowledge + Work = Results. No more. No less.

So before I share the secrets to unlock your abundance, you first must have an idea of what abundance means to you. You may define it as money, love, health, or personal fulfillment. The fact is all of those define abundance. To unlock your personal abundance focus upon the ONE that stands out to you the most.

Secret Number One: Your subconscious mind is what holds the key to your abundance. This is where your emotions live in the now. Your emotions may be hindered or blocked by the seven year old kid in you and are living with an old recording from years past. Perhaps you have a belief system where you have to prove yourself in order to make a good income. Or you have blocked love from your life unconsciously, based on a past hurt. The first mindshift to uncover your blocks is to learn to feel limitless. This is how you retrain the subconscious to reach success.

Secret Number Two: Get out of routine living. Routine living limits you holistically. Making small changes in your daily routine expands your mind and your body to feel new sensations and experience life beyond your four corners. If abundance is not in your four corners then it is time for change; start with a different walk or drive to work. Perhaps take a new yoga class and refrain from technology until after you have had breakfast versus as soon as you wake up. Again those actions encourage feeling limitless and forms new positive habits.

Secret Number Three: To retrain the subconscious mind it all ends and begins with images. Our subconscious mind is like a camera, it takes on visuals that encourage feelings that become ingrained into a want or need. Advertisers have mastered the art of images and know how to push the subconscious buttons. You too can master this toward creating the abundance you desire through images. Let’s say you want more prosperity as your goal. Gather images that have meaning to you and instill the feeling of prosperity. Place those images on your nightstand, your desk, your fridge, and your walls. Look at them often and especially at night before you go to bed. At night is when the subconscious goes to work for you and creates new neural pathways based on the images and feelings you have consumed.

Lastly, action is the key to success where “abundance is not something we acquire it is something we tune into.” – Wayne Dyer


Grab the FREE Handbook to Massive Success HERE.

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Jackie Ruka, America’s Happyologist, is a best selling Author, Motivational Speaker & creator of the Mindset Method to Massive Success to unlock the blocks to happiness and empower you to express your greatness. To find out more visit her website jackieruka.com to follow her on Facebook @jackierukahappinessmindset


Happy Birthday,  America!

For those of us living in the States, we are blessed to be born in a place where freedom, liberty and justice for all, reigns. Often our freedom to make choices is often constrained by our limited thinking. To know that one has the power to choose to do, be and create whatever they want is a power often abused or ignored, mainly because it appears as free. Our freedom is all part of the beauty that our founding fathers had the courage to create with walking away from an oppressive government to create a life and pursuit of happiness in a new Union, better known as the United States of America.

Therefore, we owe our freedom to our forefathers and those brave enough to protect our country’s freedom. Our freedom is a gift and comes with the challenge to embrace your freedom and make choices that align with solid core values, such as integrity, respect, trust, honesty, kindness, generosity….

The most powerful human ability is the ability to make choices. Every moment of every day we make choices. From the time we awake in the morning, the clothes we wear to the decisions at work, home, career and finances, all leads to a road of well-being. In turn, you can choose to be busy, you can choose to be stressed, you can choose your own happiness and joy, it’s genuinely up to you. No one has the power over your own happiness, as you hold the key.

According to Webster’s dictionary freedom is defined as; ” the absence of constraint of choice. “

In essence, most focus on what is limiting them, most focus on , what is in the way, what is lacking, what is not working ? How about what is working, what are you grateful for and what are the solutions available if we choose to look beyond the scarcity of our own thoughts and fears?

You see you do have the freedom to choose beyond what society would mold you to believe and begin to choose at any moment what freedom means to you: The freedom to choose…

  • to leave an abusive relationship
  • to say I love you
  • to start opening your heart and dating again
  • to create that new business
  • to write that book
  • to lose the weight
  • to stand up for yourself
  • to get divorced
  • to start a new career
  • to ditch the self- limiting thoughts
  • to stop staying in victim mode
  • to begin a new chapter of your life
  • to take a class
  • to volunteer
  • to overcome fear
  • to make new friends

It is up to us to make this country great! And to do so, you must live in your greatness and choose your highest potential, this takes action, ladies and gentlemen. Live your life by generating your own freedom and start making courageous choices. To honor this life you are honoring those who sacrificed their own lives so you could have the opportunity to shine and pursue your happiness and fulfill your potential.

It is time to make choices toward positive change and live in freedom where the action you take makes an impact and ripple effect to cause celebration to be alive!

You are supported in loved in your choices and we welcome you to be BOLD, BE BRAVE and BE YOU!


Cheers to your happiness,



P.S. I invite you to join me this summer for a soulful program to form your dream with a plan and end the year strong, by choosing to take charge of your passion and placing it into purpose to thrive. We welcome you to start your new growth journey in the Happiness Warrior’s Way 24 week Aspiring Entrepreneur Program for Women to profit from your purpose with passion! All the details are here and we have 12 spots open. Take a peek and Apply here.








In order to be Happy, you must show happiness to others. Giving is the highest form of reaching happiness! What can you give to others at home and work that fosters happiness:

1. Positive Attention and Acknowledgement

2. A smile

3. A compliment or ada boy!

4. A cup of coffee

5. A kind gesture such as opening a door for someone, giving up your seat in a busy place, offering half your sandwich, inviting he/she to your lunch table.

6. Joyful energy to lift another UP!

7. Being authentically YOU and being present.

8. Listening

9. Offering helpful advice

10. Donating to a good cause to help others.

Happier people are more productive at work, maintain long lasting relationships, deal better with stress,  are healthier and feel better. When you spread happiness, you essentially are lifting others up !

When you offer happiness, you are giving permission for this energy to vibrate to others and in turn this positive energy responds kindly back to you. One happy person affects a thousand!

Join the THINK HAPPY  T- shirt campaign to spread the vibe to your tribe when you purchase a Think Happy T-shirt a portion of the proceeds goes to www.NoKidHungry.com to feed a hungry child in America.

Shirts are for Women, kids and toddlers in multiple colors. BUY HERE. for a limited time.


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America’s Happyologist, Jackie Ruka, is a transformational leadership mentor for professionals who crave freedom and are ready to discover living life on their terms!  Her mission is to provide a conscious community of inspiration and cooperation where all flourish based on what makes your soul happy. Her mindshifts and techniques are shared in her best selling book “Get Happy and Create a Kick-Butt Life” ! You can learn more about Jackie and what she has to offer by visiting her Facebook page, Twitter or engage in a complimentary discovery session to learn the step by step process for more direction and happiness in your life. book now.



Mothers DayMother’s Day is right around the corner! Each year it comes, and each year we children are faced with a similar question: what is a good way to show our mom how much we really care about her? The gifts have all been said and done…but this doesn’t mean they should be discarded! Mother’s Day isn’t about going to the store and buying something material and expensive, it’s about telling her that you love her and that you’re thankful for her every day. Here are 5 creative and inexpensive ways to turn the outplayed, traditional gifts into new, personalized gifts from the heart.

1. Make her a card. That’s right, break out the markers and art supplies take yourself back to the good old elementary school days, when the only thing you wanted to do was make mama proud. You can use as many or as few words as you choose, with as much or as little effort as you’re willing to put in. The fact that you took the extra time to make the card yourself instead of quickly browsing through kind but generic cards at the store is both thoughtful and original, and it’s something she’ll want to hang on her refrigerator, just like the old times!

2. Pick her a blossoming bouquet. Grocery stores and florists offer a wide variety of arrangements and beautiful bouquets. But consider how much more it would it mean to mom if you made a personal arrangement of your own flowers. If you don’t have a garden of your own, plant a couple seeds so she can watch the flowers grow and bring new life to her home!

3. Personalize a charm bracelet. Jewelry is often a go-to gift at this time of year. Instead of falling back on a simple pair of earrings or a plain necklace, your gift will be much more personal in the form of a charm bracelet. This way, you can fill this small piece of jewelry with charms that capture the special memories that you and your mom share, and you can keep adding to it as the years continue.

4. Capture your memories in a scrapbook. If jewelry is not the path you want to take, another way to capture the unforgettable moments is through a scrapbook or photo album. This way, she can look back and see your smiling face anytime! An alternative to this could be a memory box, filled with any and all artifacts and pictures that remind you of your time spent together. Just like a charm bracelet, you can add to it as your relationship continues to grow.

5. Create a relaxation basket. If a weekend trip to the spa is a bit out of the budget, fill a basket with bath salts, lotions, and loofas. This way, she can create a relaxation station in the comfort of her own home. Give your hardworking mom a reason to kick up her feet and relax!

A price tag has never been determined how much love you can show your mother on a particular day of the year. When you were young, why did she hang your cards on the refrigerator and wear the macaroni necklaces you made so proudly? It was the thought, the effort, and the love that went into every word in the card and every noodle in the necklace. What will mean most to her this Mother’s Day is not the object but the thought behind it, even if it’s a simple call to tell her you love her.

Comment below to share more of your inventive ideas! To all the moms out there – Happy Mother’s Day!



“America’s Happyologist” Jackie Ruka is a lifestyle expert who founded the Get Happy Zone (www.gethappyzone.com) personal development organization. She is also the author of the soon-to-be-released book, “Get Happy and Create a Kick Butt Life, a Toolbox for Rapidly Activating the Life You Desire.” Contact Jackie and take her Become Fearless Quiz online at www.tinyurl.com/HappinessQuiz.

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