Imagine if you could Work Less, Live More and Organize your Business and Life in 6 weeks!

Are YOU…

  •  Tired of working hours for dollars.
  •  Enjoy what you do but lack balance in your life causing undue stress and potential health and relationship issues.
  • Know you are good at what you do but scrambling with no “me time”
  • Have a burning desire for more freedom, free time and prosperity.
  • Feeling disorganized and not getting done what really matters to you most.
  • Are a heart based professional with a powerful message and want to serve as many people as possible, yet keep spinning your wheels.
  • Wanting to leverage your business and be more efficient with a step by step action plan that gets you from A to B, effortlessly!
  • Needing support and a mentor to help you and hold you accountable so you can go be awesome as the smart woman that you are!

If this resonates with you, well we can help.

Like you, I was working a ton of hours, doing for everyone else, being the people pleaser and literally exhausted each day. I loved what I did for a living  but was becoming stressed and unhappy with barely having a life outside of work. I kept listening to this little voice in my head to make a change but kept avoiding. 

Then one day I offered a signature system based on my knowledge, education, and years of experience in one particular area  and it was a huge hit!  Attendance was 10 times more than anticipated and no seats were available for people to sit down. Then I knew I was on to something, as I attracted more clients in one day than I have in 3 months and it turned into a five figure day in one afternoon.

Everything in my life and business shifted toward fulfillment, freedom and income. 

Now it’s your turn to Leverage Your Expertise and Create the Balance and Fulfillment you deserve!


  • Learn How to do Less, Make More while living on Purpose with Passion
  • Segment your Time for More Freedom with doing more of what your LOVE!
  • Learn the #1 Quick WIN to Create Multiple Business Streams from one Signature Program as your fast pass to cash.
  • Gain the secrets to boost energy, gain clarity and rock your confidence like never before.


Bonus ONE:  Breakthrough to Balance Blueprint: A 60 minute Game Change VIP customized Plan. A One to One 60 minute power session with you: to uncover your vision, freedom path and get deep on strategizing your business so you can work on it , not in it. Grab a pencil and paper this mini-session will create a whole new path for your life and business tailored support to get your outcomes ( $500 value)

Bonus Two: The exact step by step proven success templates and modules that we will assist you with customizing to your business or soon to be business. A done with you hybrid program of one to one and community support.

Bonus Three: The simple, easy and effective time management tools that will save you time and money! We use them everyday and have saved 20 hours a week.

Bonus Four: Plus a Monthly Flex Plan Payment out to 8 monthly payments.


With this program you will not just learn what to do, you will actually CREATE IT in the workshop with guidance from Jackie, GUARANTEED!

60 % OFF til May 15th May SPECIAL!

This is time sensitive, only 5 spots so let’s hop on the phone and chat about your goals so you can get a quick breakthrough super fast, before you even decide to sign up!

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What some of our happy clients are saying:

David Ny- Sales Coach
“ There is nothing like a mentor to learn new skills in the fastest possible way. I have transformed my career from a successful sales leader in corporations to coaching entrepreneurs, business owners and sales teams. I am still learning and that’s where Jackie came in. Thank you Jackie, for your insights and mentoring! I came away from the workshop knowing I can do what I set out to do and make great money.”

Idelle Steinberg- Principal Steinberg Insurance and Retirement Planning
“ Working with Jackie has helped me focus on what specifically I want to do and where my passion lies. It wasn’t easy to eliminate stuff that I believed I required. Jackie’s insight sharing helped me get on the road that has been calling but didn’t hear. I recommend Jackie’s workshop for anyone looking to get their business or passion on track and moving. “

John E. Anderson – Restaurant Consultant
“ I was having difficulty with my confidence as I was changing careers, and then I had the opportunity to work with Jackie. I found Jackie to be professional and extremely proficient in her coaching abilities. Jackie held me accountable and with her insightful and meaningful guidance I am now on a new path to a very exciting and prosperous new career.”

Dennis G. Shaver – Product Development Expert, #1 Best Selling Author in 6 Categories    (Workshop and Coaching  client)        “Thank you for your fantastic coaching support these past few months Jackie! Your guidance was exactly what I needed to keep me focused on the path of what matters most to me: My “Book and Beyond journey”. In fact, your efforts helped me go beyond what I ever imagined: A #1 International Best Seller on Amazon, WOW!!! Thank you and from this day forward, the way to go is Onward & Upward!

Brenda Gayle Bryant – The Gayle Group/Author of Finance as a Second language

“I participated in the workshop sessions with Jackie Ruka, President of Get Happy Zone, Inc. I appreciate the ease with which she handled our group. Jackie made coaching a group feel very natural and inclusive. Our topics were thought provoking and I enjoyed the group interaction. She guided the group with ease and professionalism. I am glad I was a participant. And I highly recommend her coaching and workshop services.”

Meet Jackie Ruka, Certified Action Success Coach, Best Selling Author and America’s Happyologist. Jackie has been teaching proven success paths for women in business and skyrocketed hundreds of experts toward a life you can only imagine. She has been seen in WE Magazine for Women, Family Life, the Daily Worth, Wall Street Journal and Yahoo for assisting clients to overcome obstacles and limiting beliefs. 

” I love helping women, solving problems and offering transformation where I can help you dive deep into your life and business”. We offer real help and real results. At a no cost to you Clarity call. So set time aside this week , it’s an opportunity of a lifetime. 

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