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FAQ about Jackie Ruka:     jrukaproffheadshot1      Skyrocket your Life Path, Career, Finances, and Relationships and save years of anguish with the HOW!

Welcome to taking the first steps toward a new and exciting  journey.
Hi,  I’m Jackie  when I hit a low in my life and had to walk away from a six-figure career to save my own life,  I learned that it’s easier to overcome obstacles and get results when you know how to align yourself with your  heart’s desires and draw those desires to you. When you book your Introductory Complimentary Session you will learn areas of your life that can open up happiness, Balance, Fulfillment, and Success.

I have coached hundreds of  professionals and entrepreneurs to: build a brand, become a successful entrepreneur, get a raise or promotion, save their relationship and make positive changes to live a full and happy life! This may not be your finest hour right now, but I promise it will be your happiest by having me as your co-pilot toward change.

Is this for you?

America’s Happyologist™, Jackie Ruka, helps professionals, aspiring women  and organizations FLOURISH  to optimize and enhance their future toward epic proportions mentally, emotionally, spiritually and financially. The techniques Jackie teaches combines the Law of attraction, Deliberate Creation,  the science of Positive Psychology, coaching tools and Jackie’s 20+ years of Marketing and business savvy, to activate the whole you toward personal and professional well-being – and receive extraordinary results consistently.

Who is this best for?

Aspiring women, Professionals, Entrepreneurs; those feeling stuck who are ready to move their life to a new and exciting level!  Happiness is an action, as life poses interruptions, some larger than others it is up to you to reclaim what you deserve, in your life, career, relationships, health, family and community. If you are reading this, chances are you are ready to make a positive change in your life or organization to reach optimal results.

Why Now?
If you tried to get ahead in life and end up in the same place or are stuck in a rut and have run out of solutions, it’s time for a life altering experience and take a leap toward the positive.  Successful people choose to get coaching for clarity and answers toward attaining personal and professional goals and to find answers to those burning questions in your mind of what to do next?  You achieve greater results, faster, by working with a positive, experienced, professional.

Why Wait?

Do you want to do more in less time?

Improve your Quality of Life?

Get focused on what you want to have the most in your life and business?

Discover your true life purpose and develop your vision?

Have more fun in your life?

Feel fulfilled in all areas of your life?

If you said yes to any one of these , let’s get started!

What’s the best way to get started?
 I invite you to schedule today for answers and results.  It’s that easy. I look forward to learning more about you!

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