www.gethappyzone.comAlthough I believe we are all born with a happiness seed within us and the science of Positive Psychology proves that 40% of our happiness is based on choice, there was a time when I was stressed out, lethargic and my metabolism and adrenals decided to shut down. From the outside I looked healthy, young and energetic, however, I require an enormous amount of rest in order to function the remaining part of the day. It was not til I was sick and tired of being sick and tired that I made new choices in my life that are based on lasting positive consequences and not short term immediate results.

Sometimes the answers are not from external sources but from gaining further knowledge with the self.  For example, one can’t assume that feeling depressed,  means you have depression but often western medicine has our society believe taking a pill will change life from crappy to happy. Until I peeled back the layers to my body, my mood and my lack of energy, at first, naturally, I assumed I was depressed when in actuality I had a silent problem, known as a resistant thyroid. The thyroid regulates hormones, adrenals, as well as the amount of minerals and iodine required in our bodies to keep the engine of our bodies  and our minds working in a healthy manner.  Nerve damage, back, spine and weight gain can occur and lead to fibromyalgia and other immune disorders, much of what masked the root of my problem By all means, please seek proper medical attention and seek professional care from a medical physician to determine and peel back the layers to your bodies, needs, your mood and your hormones.

Here is what I did to rewire my brain toward health and happiness:

1. STOP Complaining –  the more I complain, the more energy I give to the problem. Switch the energy you are using to complain and place it toward a positive action. In other words, as soon as you accept what you cannot change you recognize what you can change. Creating positive change is empowering, increases your endorphins, which improves your overall health.

2. PRAY –  One can never pray too much, are you praying enough? Instead of asking for what you want try thanking God or your higher power for the strength you require to heal, for the grace of new resources to learn what it is you require and for protection of you and your loved one’s. 

3. Find a Good Naturopath Once I found the right naturopath, it was as if a light was turned on in a very dark rom that I had been in for a long time. Working with a naturopath will help you distinguish the root of your health challenges and in turn you will learn what nutrients, minerals and treatments you require to change your life for the better. For me, a natural thyroid medicine, leafy vegetables , smaller amounts of protein throughout the day, selenium, iodine, maca and chromium supplements improved my energy, normalized my hormones and decreased the cortisol levels in my body from the stress of a workaholic life and high pressured corporate job. A naturopath will instantly turn you on to a deeper knowledge of what your body and your mind needs and can be a trusted support to keeping you on the happy and heathy path of life.

4. Exercise – at one point I was doing intense Ashtanga yoga and weight lifting, which burned out my already frail adrenals. Moderation is key to moving your body and being gentle on your joints and muscles. Pilates, Hatha yoga, walking and light weights will keep you tone , increase your heart rate in addition to requiring less recovery time from lack of over exertion.

5. Sleep – Just like turning off your computer from working and running all day, you too require sleep. Sleeping and giving your body the rest it needs means paying attention to how your body feels and how much rest it requires. Sleeping and REM, rapid eye movement, is required for the best type of rest our bodies naturally require. Excessive worry and anxiety is a natural sleep killer, however meditation and a positive I AM mantra helped me rest easier. My favorite I AM mantra for sleep is: I AM floating on a bed of clouds and sleeping now. As you breathe out the negative and breathe in the positive, imagine this beautiful cloud lifting you into a natural slumber.

6. Hydrate – drinking enough water is never really ENOUGH. A healthy tip is to purchase distilled water and pour it into a pitcher, add slices of lemon, lime and fresh mint then refrigerate and drink it throughout the day til it is finished. Alkalizing your drinking water clears out toxins and cleanses your organs. Drinking water with these wonderful alkalized additions made feel I was at a resort and drinking myself toward a healthier body and increased my energy.

7. Commit –  as soon as I made a commitment to detoxing what was negative in my life, I experienced less stress, less distractions and more inner peace. It is a big commitment and can take years to unplug old patterns , codependent tendencies and attention oriented behaviors. However, once you do, you feel lighter, healthier and happier.

8. Sunshine – the hot topic now is lack of vitamin D in our diets. Vitamin D naturally comes from the sun and we need vitamin D for bone health, in addition vitamin D deficiency is linked to breast cancer, prostrate cancer, heart disease, chronic pain, depression, weight gain and osteoporosis.  ( Web MD). I relish my beach walks and enjoy 30 minutes of sun everyday.

9. Follow your Intuition – if that little voice in your head is trying to tell you something, then LISTEN. Often, your intuition is your body’s internal voice telling you to dig deeper and pay closer attention. The more I listened to my intuition the sooner the answers appeared and manifested as my antennae was up.

Although the idea of rewiring your brain sounds like a chore, it actually leads to a smoother path to your health and happiness.

Be the star that you are and start to shine! Have any tips you want to share, please comment below.

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“America’s Happyologist” Jackie Ruka is a lifestyle strategist and inspiration coach , who founded the Get Happy Zone ( personal development organization. She is also the author of the soon-to-be-released book, “Get Happy and Create a Kick Butt Life, a Toolbox for Rapidly Activating the Life You Desire.” Contact Jackie and take her Become Fearless Quiz online at


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