Imagine Your Future: 3 Key Strategies

Today is a NEW day! Each and every day we must practice the thought process that the best is yet to come and recognize that we live in miracles. Despair is symbolized by occurrence, how we react  is based upon your spirit. Human spirit is the most powerful of energies. When you have an uplifting spirit, it brings forth a greater speed of belief in yourself and leaves little room for doubt to enter. Moving with confidence in your life is elementary , yet difficult to acquire and sustain unless you are willing to fight for your freedom, well – being and a bright future.

History was made yet again with the re – election of President Obama. No matter who you voted for, it is our job to act and unite as ONE and be grateful for living in times of peace and not war, love and not hate, abundance and not greed; for the greater good. We may be a rich country, but we are not a healthy one.This is not about blame or leadership, but more of a reflection of ourselves. We are responsible for our own happiness, it is not the job of others, government or external forces, it is a strong belief in self, an inside job. I read the other day that a new idea can change the world, and that new idea could be your idea! Do you have a new idea that you are holding on to? I know I do!

3 Key Strategies to Implement your Future:

1. Listen: Listen to what your heart is telling you, directing you and guiding you. You have an answer within, it’s just a matter of trusting the feeling and determining how to act upon it. It will continue to gnaw at you until you flush out what is calling you. Whatever you are seeking is seeking you.

2. Find a Mentor: There is someone out there who is smarter than you. Sorry, but it’s true and this is a good thing! A mentor can assist with looking at what you may not see and help you acquire a “game plan”. In some cases, your mentor may have experienced similar feelings, a role or place in their life that you are currently experiencing. In addition, expressing your desires, ideas, visions, feelings and thoughts is the healthiest way to reaching clarity. You need to be heard and an outside party is committed to listening and pinpointing a new kind of change that feels right to you.

3. Write it down: While you are brainstorming, it is imperative to write down your vision and an intention in each area of your strategy  so as to reach your next milestone. By doing so, it helps you to clarify what it is you really want!

For example, perhaps you have a great business idea or want to relocate but you don’t know how this looks like for you or where to begin? You could comb the internet for hours and gather as much research and facts as possible. But until you step outside of your self, on a level that is unfamiliar and go beyond the comfort zone and crutch that keeps you in a box,  your old thoughts will resurface . It is usually the freshness and newness in change  that sparks your imagination, this is where you find the golden key to your future.

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  1. Calla Gold says:

    I am ready for the new four year cycle with President Obama. He’s my President and I’ll treat him and the office with respect.
    I recently shared an idea with a new friend that was out of my usual area of expertise.
    It was stimulating for us both. Great ideas come along often, but if you don’t share them they fade.
    Thanks Jackie for your encouragement and love for the ideas we come up with. They can lead to a better future!

  2. Lisa Darsonval says:

    I have been following your three key strategies and have found them life altering but very challenging indeed. Listening to my heart and trusting my choices was indeed the first step to my career change and move. I could not have done this without my mentor, Step two. Step three took longer because I struggled to write a detailed strategy to my vision. Once I did so, however, things got much clearer! I now know what I need to do on a monthly (if not weekly) basis to achieve my goals. I would even go further to say their are four key strategies, the fourth being stick to the plan or make necessary changes along the way but don’t get off track! This is quite challenging as well.

  3. Hi Lisa,

    So happy to hear the steps have worked for you! Sticking to or tweaking your plan is an ongoing process and usually part of your practice is to remain in your “happy zone” , the vortex of positivity. At times, challenging, however, a mentor and remaining in contact with those who lift you up, doing what lifts you up, keeps you up! Thanks for sharing your incredible journey of change!

  4. Dr.Valerie Girard says:

    I love listening to my heart. Sometimes my head also wants to offer input, so I am learning the balance. My heart wants to be more creative!Which means that I want to put some of my visions into paintings and writings.

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