Carolyn_Headshot_Feb_10_2013Today I have the great pleasure of being the host on Day 7 of the Virtual Blog Tour of author Carolyn A. Brent whose book The Caregiver’s Companion: Caring for Your Loved One Medically, Financially and Emotionally While Caring for Yourself is celebrating its big Amazon launch tomorrow January 27th2015.


Carolyn A. Brent is a nationally acclaimed author, speaker and caregiver advocate. She has dedicated her life to preparing caregivers and their loved ones to face end-of-life issues. Carolyn is the founder of Caregiver Story, a non-profit organization that provides free medical, legal and wellness resources to the public.

Yesterday, Carolyn visited Andrea Hylen at http://bit.ly/14z0Aeb, where she interviewed Carolyn on the subject of Caregiver preparation support for the loved ones who soon need it.

Today, I’d like to share with you a recent interview I had with Carolyn when I got to ask her on the subject of self-care. The reason why I focused on self- care is because I experienced a breakdown in my own health and wellness due to a lack of self-care. Some people feel self-care is selfish. This is untrue, self-care is an act of self- acceptance, and self-love. I learned this the hard way when i walked away from a six-figured career to save my own life by nearly crashing into two – eight foot Buddha’s when my company car became out of control, this was my rude awakening! I do not want this to happen to you, because you deserve happiness! I hope you enjoy it.


Jackie Ruka: Often as women we tend to be natural caregivers, however, with all the caregiving that we are doing plus taking on a new caregiver role of a loved one, what gets you up in the morning?

Carolyn A. Brent: Yes, caregiving for a chronically ill loved one is a heart-breaking and a difficult situation many caregivers face. I highly recommend learning all you can about your loved ones illness. In my case, once I educated myself with the knowledge about my father’s illness – I found myself better equipped and more mentally prepared to face what may be lurking around the corner. When you know your loved one is depending on YOU for their care –that in its self will be the driving force that will get you up in the morning.

Jackie Ruka: How and where do you get your energy?

Carolyn A. Brent: Throughout my research with current and post-caregivers worldwide, I asked this question, “Where do you get your energy?” Their common tread was to; “Surround yourself with only positive supporting people. And run, run, run, from ALL negative people no matter who they are.” Negative energy only makes you feel bad, defeated, will steal your joy and is a robber of energy. As a caregiver, when you are taking care of yourself; mentally, spiritually, and emotionally — you can expect an energy increase.

Jackie Ruka: What does Self-Care mean to you?

Carolyn A. Brent: Taking care of yourself when you are a caregiver, and take charge of     your own health, and emotional well-being should be your top priority. I suggest discovering strategies to restore and maintain your health and sense of well-being. Have the AIM to become a resilient caregiver who practices self-care. Now, let’s create a self-wellness vision board or daily pop-up messenger reminder on your cell phone. These are examples:

  • Identify your sources of stress, and take the necessary action for change.
  • Today, I will take care of me.
  • Exercise; eat healthy foods, detox, and massages!
  • Practice meditation daily; listen to music that helps with relaxation.
  • Take a bubble bath, light a therapy candle.
  • Go out on a date, and don’t feel guilty.
  • Love yourself and feel good about who you are.
  • Always ask for HELP when you need too!
  • Remember you are not alone, and get the support you need.


I hope you enjoyed this interview with Carolyn A. Brent and that you’ll check out her book on Amazon tomorrow January 27, 2015: BrentVBT-Banner




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AND… be sure to follow Carolyn tomorrow when the next stop on the Virtual Blog Tour is Erica Pooler, who will be interviewing Carolyn on the subject of caregiving not just for the elderly, dealing with family disagreements and abuse. To visit that “stop” on the tour, go to http://bit.ly/1C06fqV

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