With a Masters in Art Psychotherapy, as a certified action success coach( affiliated with McLean Hospital/Harvard University and Medical School) and marketing and business award winner within Fortune 100/500 companies, Jackie is dedicated to maximizing human potential in corporate and entrepreneurial environments.

She is a sought after speaker at events around the world. Jackie Keynotes, moderates and speaks at a variety of conferences, summits, business events and virtual events. Her message resonates with audiences because she delivers powerful strategies and tools that make a long lasting impact on audiences. In her Extensive career, Jackie has lead hundreds of seminars, trainings and workshops and done professional keynotes. Her message engages and energizes audiences. Attendees leave feeling empowered, thrilled, and excited to implement what she taught.

Jackie Ruka has been captivating audiences and being asked back again and again. She will have your audience laughing and learning with her transformational stories and your audience will thank you for bringing her to them. Jackie always leaves a lasting impact on every organization she speaks for. She is known for her stellar keynotes and training and she customizes every talk to maximize your organization’s goals and will explode whatever results you want to achieve.

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                                                             Jackie’s  Topic’s

Mindset Method For Happiness and Success: Jackie teaches the power of two essential areas of Mindset that increases productivity, morale and improved profits which in turn boosts meaningfulness for employees. This is the new education for companies and info-tainment that turns obstacles into breakthroughs where motivation skyrockets!

Jackie shares the power of mindset as the secret platform to the success of companies such as Zappos, Google, Nerium and Pfizer.  Jackie shares what it takes and has you try on the Mindset Methods to create results in your company with your employees or your entrepreneurial efforts.


How to Be Positive to Stay Powerful: Navigating Change and handling stress takes actions steps and tools. Learn the top scientific strategies to improving happiness and be the CEO of your destiny. She shares the proven methods researched over the last decade that not only work but may surprise you.

People will be armed with action steps they can do to improve their happiness and fuel a life of abundance.


Launch Your Big, Beautiful, Creative , Juicy Life! Celebrating yourself as the dynamic woman that you are where you can be happy and healthy at any age!

Women are the leaders of the world and the more we celebrate ourselves the closer we are to healing ourselves and the planet.  Jackie shares this presentation from her best selling book Get Happy and Create a Kick-Butt Life A toolbox to Rapidly Activate the Life you Desire. Her model is based on practical life stories and over 5000 hours coaching women, which adds to the overall growth and health of any person navigating a busy life, career, family and community. People learn while they are laughing and leave feeling empowered and fulfilled.

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