We all have experienced rejection, some events more hurtful or painful than others. The bottom line is rejection does not define you, but rather is an invitation to a new life destiny or perhaps a higher calling .

What rejection really means is redirection. For some this may entail a new coping mechanism or way of thinking about self. For others, a self defeating existence where you  feel you are not good enough and seem to believe you have to constantly configure, argue or challenge your way through life . This is a defense to control and steer away from further rejection which unfortunately seems to attract rather than deter rejection . The process of perceiving rejection appears and sounds like a  circle of cerebral point/counter point chatter that is a battle of ego , where you seem to get in your own way . The discontent you feel about yourself has been taken over by the power in which you need to be in constant control. This lends to a callous and lonely way of life, where your heart is completely closed off and love has no possible way of entering in nor does anything else.

Rejection is love Upside down , try these turn it around tips!

1.  Claim Your self worth: The Universe does not define your self worth, nor does your job, friends, spouse, parents , clients or co – workers. It is up to you to claim it ! When you claim your power , you define your authenticity. This is no time to be shy, what you are seeking is also seeking you. Redirection often leads you to a new and much more fulfilling outcome that you may not have thought of otherwise.

2. Recognize what you Do Control: When crap happens , we often react via flight or fight mode. Instead try the two A’s,  to allow and to accept. This gives you the opportunity to process your feelings and ponder your desires proactively. We do not control others decisions, emotions or personalities, let that go and place focus on taking care of  Y-O-U and your own decisions.

3. Detach : Often we place too much power upon others and give our power away. Ask yourself,  Am I enabling a situation or being enabled ? Enabling is disabling yourself. In most cases, the problem or issue becomes larger due to enabling . The art of detachment is a whole other blog post in itself, however, the down and dirty way is to void  your attachment of a feeling to the love object at hand . This does not mean you’re being selfish, instead you are replenishing your own soul. In essence,  this allows you to go about being a fully productive person in your own life. Often, it’s when we detach that miraculous occurrences  take place.

What appears as rejection is actually an invitation for you to start a new dream. Dreams change, my question is are you dreaming big enough ? Leave a comment and share your thoughts.

Jackie Ruka is an Authentic Lifestyle Expert who started Get Happy Zone, a personal development organization dedicated to launching your unique happiness campaign through her training classes and upcoming book “Get Happy and Create a Kick Butt Life, a Toolbox for Rapidly Activating the Life You Desire.” Go here, www.gethappyzone.com, to read Jackie’s blog. To receive the free Report: Surprising News about Happiness that Successful People Practice  please opt – in here.


  1. Calla Gold says:

    I’m reminded of being a rejected teenager. My friend’s mom told me he didn’t reject YOU, he rejected himself from your life.
    You are great, not everyone will get you or be right for you. He just realized he and you weren’t right.
    It’s OK, you’re OK.
    That really helped me. What you said here reminds me of that. I’ve got a smile on my face. Thanks Jackie!
    Rejected, but lived to find the right guy!

  2. This is blissful! And, Calla, your comments are so great!

    I liked the two A’s: allow and to accept. I think acceptance is a tough one for many. Your blog is such an encouragement to opening our minds to less painful feelings and allowing for positive perspective.



  3. Lesley Champlin says:

    Having survived one rejection by the corporate world and feeling flung out into empty space, I loved this blog. I especially liked “What appears as rejection is actually an invitation for you to start a new dream.” So perfectly put, and so true! I took stock, took heart, and started moving in a new direction.
    I am a complete believer that the Universe conspires to help you when you truly know what you want!

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