Hire Jackie as Your Next Workshop or Motivational Speaker

Jackie offers dynamic and inspirational  presentations and powerful keynote addresses that will engage your audience to serve your organization’s mission and needs.  Topics include:

  •  How Happiness Leads to your  Success
  • Going Beyond Happiness toward Optimal Health and Wealth
  • The Science of Happiness: 10 Strategies

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 Coaching Packages:

Breakthrough Game Change Plan: The 90 minute session is a game changer for creating your breakthrough in business and personal life and will set you on new path for more clarity, confidence, freedom, results, income and motivation. Get out your pad and paper for some juicy transformation on your next life and business goals.
In this session we will learn what your financial target goal is, your ideal work/life schedule and  I will develop a system, price point, organizational action plan that you can implement right away! A $500 value now $250. Book your session today and get started right away.

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 One Full Year Unlimited Success Coaching: Live your Best Life

We are not kidding! Get One full year of unlimited laser coaching calls. One easy rule, simply finish your homework before the next call.
You are a professional redefining your happiness to reach success. We are masters at helping you gain clarity, freedom and prosperity, so that you can enjoy a lifestyle you love!
Step 1: How it works: Register for the One full year in the Live your Best Life program. ( $1997, that’s $167 a month) Guarantee: during your first call if you don’t feel like this is exactly what you need to take your business and or life to the next level and get real results, your money will be immediately refunded.
Step 2: Schedule your first coaching session. Your first coaching session is 30 minutes long and on that call we get clear on your goals and lifestyle vision and set up strategies to reach them. At the end of each call your receive a recording, homework and link to schedule your next coaching call.
Step 3: Schedule your 1st call to secure your details. Schedule your 1st session. Do the homework then schedule your next session.
Book your 30 minute session and get started today!

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   The VIP Coaching Session:

For the super-committed individual who is ready to kick ass in their life or business into gear!  The 5 Hour, one-on-one intensive  will jumpstart your endeavor and evaluate a plan of action in which we will solve a burning problem, form an action plan and align this with your aspirations. We will develop a blueprint and plan to fit your new YOU campaign.  The VIP session is an excellent way to embark on your new happiness journey while enduring a divorce, break-up, relationship issue, job/career stress, job loss, recent life transition – where you would like to create improved love, money, success and happiness in your life! I am here to help you form a clear vision and look forward to hearing from you. Book now , as we book up fast and you are a very important person, the best investment you can make is an investment in yourself. Schedule a coffee chat today!

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