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Your Unique Qualities are Also Your Greatest Assets!

If you are seeking the courage and confidence to transform your life in the direction meant for you, healing look no further than.your own distinctive characteristics and behaviors.

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Read each statement down the list and check only those characteristics or statements that apply to you in your life, right now. If you are having difficulty answering, ask yourself, “Am I doing this right now?” If the answer is “No” or “Not Lately,” move to the next statement; only check the ones that you respond to with an unqualified “Yes.”

Strong desire to lead othersAmbitious about a mission or movementBig-picture thinkerStrong tendencies to inspire othersUnwavering belief in SelfAnalytic in natureStrategic about making choicesUrgency to save people and change the world

Consumed by creative endeavorsDesign and sequence focusedVisionary in naturePrefer alone timeLearn by doingOutcomes are predominantly organicVivid imaginationPerfectionist

Incessantly on the phoneRemember numbers, addresses by memoryConstant urge to travel and meet peopleOne degree of separation globallyThink deep but communicate quicklyGet bored easilyResourcefulFinancial risk taker

Strong desire to lead others
Ambitious about a mission or movement
Big-picture thinker
Strong tendencies to inspire others
Unwavering belief in Self
Analytic in nature
Strategic about making choices
Urgency to save people and change the world

Consumed by creative endeavors
Design and sequence focused
Visionary in nature
Prefer alone time
Learn by doing
Outcomes are predominantly organic
Vivid imagination

Incessantly on the phone
Remember numbers, addresses by memory
Constant urge to travel and meet people
One degree of separation globally
Think deep but communicate quickly
Get bored easily
Financial risk taker

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